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Stocking up my Etsy shop

I don’t usually pimp out my shops like this, but I recently reopened my Etsy shop and I’ve started to add some handmade jewellery to it. I just fancied showing off some of my jewellery, really. 🙂

Some of the items I’ve posted about before:

And some are new:
I seem to have developed a taste for vintage beads, but fear not, the buttons will be back soon. 

Handmade jewellery from recycled clothing and buttons – part two

So in yesterday’s post, I mentioned how we were getting rid of some old clothes, and the Husbinator was throwing out a load of (neck) ties. Well, here are some of them, saved for my craft stash:

I absolutely love this one:

Not sure what I will make with that, but it needs to be used. Mandarin ducks FTW!
Anyway, I had a look around online for some ideas about what to use the ties for. I’d seen various halter tops and skirts made from ties, but I wanted something different. Something quicker to make, for starters. And then I looked at my Pinterest board and thought ‘fabric flower’ (for a change). I found a tutorial (which I can’t find back again at the moment) and used a silk tie to make this:
 It’s a bigger brooch than I’d usually wear – it’s about 3 inches across – but it is rather splendid. Possibly helped by the fact that there’s a vintage glass button at its centre:
And seeing as I’d found some blanks for making covered buttons, I used another bit of tie to make these: 
The fabric has a nice sheen to it, which doesn’t show up so well in the photo. Ooh, now imagine a pair of earrings made from that mandarin duck tie!