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A Right Royal Ring

Not one of my best titles, but it’ll do for a lazy Saturday afternoon post.
I am an expert at making things which are a pain to photograph properly – earrings which refuse to behave, felt vegetables which have appalling posture, and sparkling glass rings. So I am quite pleased with how the photos of this particular ring have turned out.

Purple Crown Ring
 OK, so there’s a wee bit of reflection, but it does show the shimmery swirlyness (technical term) off rather well. And also…now it’s purple, now it’s blue!

Blue Crown Ring

Yup, it’s exactly the same ring, ladles and jellyspoons – there’s nothing up my sleeves.

I am still fascinated with the whole galaxy/night sky thing, and am itching to have a go at some night sky photography (when we finally get a clear night). Until then, I’ve been playing around with the galaxy idea for jewellery again. You might have already seen the galaxy rings I’ve made before – if not, you can find them here: click here for galaxy rings. But I had some metal blanks in my stash, and I wanted to try making tiny galaxies in other ways, so I painted directly onto metal.

Galaxy Stars Pendant
I think it’s worked quite well, although it needs to be sealed before I can make it into a pendant or earrings. Which might involve me having to try out the jewellery resin I bought some time ago. Exciting stuff!

Oh, and the title has given me an earworm. Which of course, I feel I should share with you all. 😛