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On the Snowdrop Trail at Lytham Hall

Considering how bad the weather has been recently, we were fully expecting our coach trip to Lytham Hall to be a wash out. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see not only a distinct lack of rain but even patches of blue sky. It took us a good couple of hours to bimble along on the coach, collecting people from various stop off points, so I was quite pleased to finally arrive so we could go in search of a cuppa. Once we’d revived ourselves with a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake, we set off on the snowdrop trail. Fortunately, the aforementioned bad weather hadn’t damaged the flowers too much. There were still one or two bravely standing. 😉

As snowdrops are small, dainty flowers, getting photos of them meant having to bend and crouch into all manner of positions. I soldiered on bravely, determined to find a perfect snowdrop to photograph. Snowdrops seem to be quite sociable little flowers though, they hang around in groups a lot.

Sigh. The sunlight was lovely and warm, it felt almost Springlike. We walked round admiring the scenery for ages, and then, I found it. The lone (ish) snowdrop.

And of course, once I’d found that one, another one was easy to find.

I think this might be my favourite photo. Yeah yeah, we’re supposed to avoid lens glare and all that, but I think it works OK.

And just to prove that the weather was good, here’s the obligatory arty architecture shot.

Didn’t use any filters, the sky really was that colour. More of that I think, please.

We headed back to the coach, and then on to a garden centre on the way home for a potter about, and to meet with a cat called Peggy, who was taken in by the staff and who now rules the place (as cats do). Then another longish coach journey home again, possibly with a bit of snoozing involved. *ahem*

Not the best quality pic, but I took it with my phone.

All in all, a lovely day out. 🙂