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DIY Disco Glitterballs

This year I’m having a birthday party, as it’s a special *cough* birthday. And as I am a fan of all things disco/glam rock, there’s a slight Seventies theme to my party (although it’s not a fancy dress party). I already have my dress, and some ultra sparkly shoes, and I decided that I needed some mini glitterballs to decorate the party tables. Here’s how I’m making them.

I am using polystyrene balls, about the size of golf balls. The reason that these are shown on a saucer is that they went all static-y and decided to flee. BAD polystyrene balls. >:-(

 I used metallic acrylic paint to turn the balls silver. As the glitterballs will be placed in vases on the tables, I also painted some wooden skewers to match.

Once the paint is dry, the fun begins – glue ‘n’ glitter!

I used PVA glue to coat the balls (for some reason the glue was very thick and dried quickly, so I couldn’t hang about). Once the ball was coated in glue, I sprinkled the glitter over the ball to cover it completely and left them to dry.

They don’t look massively sparkly in that picture. Humph. They look a bit better in the close up pic:

Anyway, they need to dry for a few hours, and then will be sprayed with hairspray to ‘set’ the glitter. And then I have to think about how to transport them back with me, without coating everything in my suitcase in glitter. Although the same issue applies to my party shoes. 😀
If you want to try making these, I have some handy hints.
  • Newspaper, and lots of it. Everywhere. Glitter moves in mysterious ways.
  • I used an old chocolate box lid for applying glitter. Thanks to my friend, Kats, for buying me a massive box of choccies for Christmas. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. 😀
  • I also wore a latex glove for shovelling glitter onto the balls. Possibly overkill, but for someone who has very sensitive eyes, it’s worth avoiding the ‘glitter in eye’ scenario (again). 
I’ll take some pics of the finished table decs so you can see the glitterballs ‘in action’. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(s)

I am still firmly in the grip of Glitter Fever, and have been creating plenty of sparklies. Sadly, the weather has been most uncooperative, which means I am waaay behind on taking photos. I have bought some lights for tabletop photography, but haven’t figured out where to set them up yet (as I don’t actually have a suitable ‘tabletop’ upon which to take photos – doh!)

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my latest creations, as I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

The background is a gorgeous inky blue-purple colour, with lashings of silvery glitter.

The ring is available in my Etsy shop, and I am thinking of making some small stud earrings to match the ring – what do you think?

Oxidising silver earrings – an experiment

I read about oxidising silver by using a humble hard-boiled egg some time ago, and today, I decided to try it out to see if it really worked. I read up on technique – there was much debate about peeled versus unpeeled eggs, whole, quartered or ‘smooshed’ eggs, ziploc bags versus Tupperware containers. Here’s what I did.

Meet the stars of the experiment, a newly-made pair of earrings:

I have had these beads for a-a-ages, I can’t remember where I got them from, but I thought they suited something a bit more ‘vintage, dahling’ than lovely shiny sterling silver. So, I grabbed the earrings, some Sellotape, thread, and my camera, and headed down to the kitchen. I told The Husband that A Very Exciting Experiment was about to take place. He looked suitably unimpressed.

I attached a piece of thread using Sellotape so that it ran across the top of my chosen plastic tub , and I suspended the earrings from the thread. Note: If you want, you can sing, whistle or hum some suitable ‘circus act’ music to accompany this part – it’s not essential.

I chopped up my newly hard-boiled egg into quarters and put it into the bottom of the plastic tub:

Note: the egg should be very hot. If you do not let out at least one minor swear when you pick up the egg quarters, you are doing it wrong. Or, you have asbestos fingers.

I quickly put the lid on the tub and placed the tub on the table so I could watch the progress. Except of course, the sides of the tub steamed up, so it was difficult to see. *sigh*

After about half an hour, I sneaked a quick peek and the silver was changing colour – yay! The eggs were still warm too, and there was a very pungent aroma wafting out from the tub. Nice.

I left the earrings to their own devices for the rest of the afternoon, and after dinner, I opened the tub up to release the earrings from the Chamber of Egginess. And here’s what they look like now:

At first I thought it wasn’t dark enough, but it’s grown on me a little. The chain has a blue tinge to it, which is rather nice. This last pic was taken in artificial light, so I will get another pic in daylight which will hopefully show the results better.

I think this could become very, very addictive. Apart from the burnt fingers and the revolting eggy smell when you lift the lid on the plastic tub. It’s got to be better than using a load of icky chemicals though, eh?

Earrings, a hint, and sandpaper

It was my birthday last weekend, and before I went away, I received a few parcels. One contained a load of crystals, which are happily sunbathing (actually, at this time of night, moonbathing), another contained a bamboo sushi mat (can you believe I had to order one on Ebay?) and the last one contained some crystal beads. I ordered from an online shop I’d not used before, I was attracted to them because they sold beads individually, which is useful, as if I’m making earrings, I don’t need a 16″ strand of beads. I put a note in my order to ask for matched pairs of beads, as I was planning earrings. And, well, they didn’t see the note, or they ignored it. Lovely beads, regardless, so I made myself some new earrings:

Not a great picture, but I can’t do much when it’s getting dark when I get home from work. I’ll try to get a decent picture of them over the weekend. They’re chrysoprase and silver, anyway.

Next up is my owl swap item, which I finished at the weekend. I’m only going to post a teaser pic at the moment – I’ll wait until my swap partner receives it before posting the whole thing:

What? At least you know what colours are involved now. 😀

And last night I made some polymer clay stuff, including some components for the Hubster’s Valentine’s Day card. I also made some buttons, which have been cured and sanded, and they’ll be buffed and polished once they’re dry. Pics to follow later in the week.

Time for tea

I finally got my bead parcel from the US (I say finally, it was posted on 19th September but it wandered around in the Netherlands for a few days before I got my paws on it). Anyway, in that parcel were some cute bead caps in the shape of teapots, so I decided to make a necklace using them:

Updated to add better pics – new camera, new lens, squeeee!