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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(s)

I am still firmly in the grip of Glitter Fever, and have been creating plenty of sparklies. Sadly, the weather has been most uncooperative, which means I am waaay behind on taking photos. I have bought some lights for tabletop photography, but haven’t figured out where to set them up yet (as I don’t actually have a suitable ‘tabletop’ upon which to take photos – doh!)

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my latest creations, as I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

The background is a gorgeous inky blue-purple colour, with lashings of silvery glitter.

The ring is available in my Etsy shop, and I am thinking of making some small stud earrings to match the ring – what do you think?

Some recent makes (may include buttons)

Once the holiday feeling wore off (which took less than 24 hours *sad face*), I decided to get on with making some more jewellery. My order of findings arrived while I was away, which meant I was ready to start creating. And once I’d disposed of the EU laundry mountain, I sat at my worktable and made these…

I ordered these acorn bead caps before my holiday, and then whilst on holiday saw a few real acorns which were so perfect. I couldn’t wait to make some acorn inspired jewellery. I’ve made some earrings with silver acorn bead caps too, but no photos yet.

I made a pair of these earrings before, and was planning to list them, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. After about an hour of searching, I suddenly remembered that I’d sold them before I had chance to list them in my shop. Doh! So, I made another pair, but I’m not sure if these will make it to the shop either, as I quite like them for myself. I will check to see if I have any more of these buttons before I make any rash decisions. 😀

I *heart* this button. It’s such a beautiful colour. I thought it was olive green at first, but I think it’s actually chartreuse. It’s yummy, anyway. I have more of these buttons, in varying sizes, so I will make some more jewellery with them soon.

I have made some other bits and pieces, but I’ll save those for another post. Don’t want you all getting button overload. 😉

Button your red shoes and dance the blues

Yup, another very bad pun. I don’t know what possessed me, I’m not even a fan of David Bowie. 6/10 for effort, must try harder.

I just wanted to share a couple of button-based items I’ve made recently. The first is a rather nice pendant, which is made from a couple of vintage buttons (and one not vintage at all button):

The larger button is a rather nice olive green/brown colour, with a hint of pearlised sheen to it.

The tiny white pearl button in the centre is the non-vintage imposter, but it works rather well with the other two buttons, I think.

These heart-shaped clasps are so cute, I love them. I am becoming a fan of antique brass findings now – yeah, about a decade after everyone else, I know.

And here’s a quick button-y ring I made for myself:

After reading ‘Button it up‘ by Susan Beal, I became very enthusiastic about button jewellery, but I am a-feared about damaging vintage buttons. I’ve been happily snipping off button shanks and sanding the backs down for my own selfish reasons. However, these buttons are just too lovely not to use, and the shanks were actually tiny brass screws which could be removed without damaging the button. So I can always dismantle this ring, screw the shank back in and use the button ‘as intended’. Not gonna happen though, because I loves me this ring. 😀

Just one of those days

I thought I’d have another go at making something buttony, after my recent successes here and also these little beauties, of which I am quite proud:

I picked out a couple of buttons I wanted to use, and decided to try making a wire wrapped ring. I found a couple of tutorials on the web and off I went. And here’s what I ended up with, after about an hour:

At this point I gave up, and decided to distract myself with pictures of a baby red panda instead. So, muttering under my breath, I cleared my work surface, and then realised I’d forgotten something important:

I’m not sure which is amusing me more – the ‘DO IT SAFE’, or the haircut on the guy modelling the glasses. I love the German name for safety glasses too – I wonder if I can shoehorn that into a conversation at work tomorrow?

Handmade cards and a wire wrapped ring

I have had mixed success with my crafty pursuits this weekend. I have a ring to make for a colleague which for some reason is proving tricky. I did try out a new technique using wire wrapping to make myself this ring though:

It’s the first time I’ve played around with 18 gauge wire, so I’m quite impressed with it. Of course, the perfectionist in me sees little things that are wrong with it. I’m happy to wear it though, but it would need to be better if I was making it to go in the shop. *sigh*

I also struggled with the two cards I needed to make this weekend. One is for my Dad’s birthday, another for a family friend who has just had an operation. Dad’s card proved tricky, as I had no ideas at all. I eventually settled on a Dad’s Army picture, as my Dad is a fan:

The card for the friend was a little easier to make, as I already had an idea in my head. I got to use the craft mangle again – yay!

And after saying that the Craft Neutral challenge wasn’t going that well, I had three sales last week – two of my felt items on Artfire, and a necklace from my Coriandr shop (which I confess, I have neglected). I should tot up income and outgoings and see how far in the red I am.

I am desperately trying not to think about buying new pliers, which I could do with, as the ones I have mark the wire a little, even with an application of ‘Tool Magic’. I also fancy getting a hammer and bench block to have a go at some hammered silver. AND I saw a workshop for using Precious Metal Clay. But I have a mountain of beads and felt to reduce first.