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Playing with wire

A while ago I ordered myself some books on wirework jewellery, and I also got myself a bench block and hammer (for forming wire). With one thing and another, I’ve not had time to give them a go, but this evening, I gave in and hit stuff with a hammer. And here are the results:

Although the books make it look so easy, I struggled to get the spirals to be, um, spirally. So they’re a wee bit more organic than I wanted, but they look OK for a first attempt. I also had another go at a wire ring for myself (the spiral ring I made got caught on my jacket and is all bent out of shape *weeps*):

This one is very 3D, so I’ll have to be careful when wearing it. Although it’s made from thicker wire than the spiral ring, so it should be stronger. I shall only wear it when sitting relatively still and drinking cocktails or doing something equally glamorous and lazy. 😀

As well as playing with wire, I’ve also made some ‘regular’ earrings. First some earrings I made for my friend, S, who likes owls. I made them last week and forgot to post them. I think. If I’ve already posted them, just pretend you’re seeing them for the first time, OK?

And these shell flower earrings. Sorry for the awful pic, the light was beautiful this evening, but not great for photos indoors:

Those are Swarovski crystal element beads (I think I got that right – we can’t just called them ‘Swarovski crystals’ any more *rollseyes*) – the new ones called Xillion. They’re lovely and sparkly, but they clearly didn’t come across well in the photo. Will try to get a better picture in the week.