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A visit to Chester Zoo

I hadn’t been to Chester Zoo since I was in junior school, which is a good *mumble*ty years ago, but it has been on our ‘to visit’ list since we moved back to the UK last year. And this week, we had a day off work and decided to go. And it was SO good. I managed to take over 400 photos (still haven’t gone through them all yet) and I could’ve taken loads more. There is so much to see. Luckily for you, I’m just going to share a handful (OK, there’s about 20) of pics in this post. 😀

A mandrill. Look at his lovely face. In front of the enclosure was a helpful guide to mandrill behaviour, which told you what their different facial expressions meant. I suspect this one is ‘I am not signing a model release form’.

“It’s right behind me, isn’t it?”

Happy Smileyphant.

Check it out, dude…I’m totally a rock!

I was discussing the silkiness of this monkey with a lady stood next to me and we decided that the zoo probably has a beauty salon for the animals.

See? Tell me that none of this is down to make up. And possibly a wig as well.

This lovely otter swam all the way over from the other side of the pool (right next to where his pals were hanging out) to tell us that he couldn’t find his friends. They’re right there….you just…oh, never mind.

Lunch on the go.

These penguins totally have swagger.

When I take a photo of my cats mid-wash, it’s cute. This is beautiful…but disturbing. I was suddenly very aware that there was only a wire fence between me and this chap.

And in true cat fashion, seconds later…

Red pandas. Red. Pandas. RED PANDAS.


This was taken through a tiny gap in the wooden fence, hence the ‘vignetting’ at the edges of the picture. The easily accessible viewing area was devoid of any animals. These guys were sunning themselves on the other side where they thought no-one could see them. Again with the typical cat behaviour.

Wartypig and wartypig junior (with dinky tail!).

Fruitbat. I love bats, but I was slightly nervous of being in a massive cave enclosure and having dozens of them swooping and zooming past me. Nervous in a ‘on the Waltzers at the fairground, can’t stop giggling like a loon’ way. It’s all fun and games until someone gets batpoop on their camera (hint: it wasn’t me.)

The capybaras experiencing a post-lunch slump.

“O hai!”

A miniature monkey. Looking slightly peeved.

A beautiful rhino.

Meerkat action. In which you get to…wait for it…compare the meerkats. Or at least, the one or two posers who were totally into having their picture taken.
If you haven’t been to Chester Zoo recently, it really is worth a visit.  Loads to see and do AND they have a monorail!