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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(s)

I am still firmly in the grip of Glitter Fever, and have been creating plenty of sparklies. Sadly, the weather has been most uncooperative, which means I am waaay behind on taking photos. I have bought some lights for tabletop photography, but haven’t figured out where to set them up yet (as I don’t actually have a suitable ‘tabletop’ upon which to take photos – doh!)

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my latest creations, as I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

The background is a gorgeous inky blue-purple colour, with lashings of silvery glitter.

The ring is available in my Etsy shop, and I am thinking of making some small stud earrings to match the ring – what do you think?

Just another Saturday afternoon earring frenzy

It’s Saturday afternoon, therefore, it must be time for an earring-making frenzy. I got some of these cute coloured bows before I went on holiday, and have just put them to use in some new earrings.

As you can tell from the lighting in the photos, it’s a bit of a grey, gloomy day here, but the forecast for tomorrow is much better, so I’m hoping to get a load of photos taken, and then these can be listed in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also made some longer, ‘boho’ style earrings, but I’m still playing around with the choice of earring wires for those. *perfectionist* I’ll hopefully get pics of those when they’re finished tomorrow as well.

Back again, with some sparkly spangles

So after all that messing about and moving to WordPress, I am back on Blogger again. I moved from my other Blogger blog to WP because I wanted to get rid of a commenting system and I couldn’t delete it without losing ALL my comments. And I wanted to see what all the fuss was about on WordPress. However, a few months (and only a couple of blog posts) later, and I’ve realised that there is no need for fuss, and that Blogger suits me just fine. But I have started a fresh blog to make sure that the comments and everything else work as they should. My old blog, Kitty Ballistic’s Creations, is still around, but I will be using this shiny new blog from now on.

Still with me? Good! And here is your reward – pictures and videos of sparklies.

I love this ring with colour changing glitter flakes – it really does show a rainbow of colours.

You have NO idea how much fun these are to try to photograph. 😉

And here it is ‘in action’. Check out my ossim ‘jewellery show offery’ skills. I don’t think I’ll be hosting my own telesell television show any time soon. 😀

The only other clip I have ready at the moment is of these earrings:

You can see a glimpse of how the colour changes in the photos, but the video shows it much better:

I have taken some more video clips, but I’m on a rather steep learning curve as far as video making and editing goes, so I need to tinker with the videos a bit more before posting them.

Oxidising copper jewellery (or Adventures in Egg Land, part two)

I have already tried oxidising silver jewellery last year, so when I read that it’s also possible to use the same method to oxidise copper jewellery, I decided to give that a go. I recently ordered some copper findings from a fantastic seller called RoyalMetals and my goodies arrived this week. I set to work making some earrings with them, and then picked a pair which I thought might suit the darker brown colour of oxidised copper:

When I tried oxidizing the silver earrings last year, I used a tupperware container. I’ve seen tutorials mentioning ziplock bags, so I thought I’d try that this time. I read online that copper-plated items might not oxidise well, so I ‘cleaned’ the metal bits of the earrings with 70% alcohol (from the first aid box, not the drinks cabinet). Acetone is recommended for this, but I didn’t have any, as I buy acetone-free nail varnish remover (to go with the numerous bottles of nail varnish I own but never use).

So I hard-boiled a couple of eggs, and put them into the bag. I then bashed merry heck out of the eggs with my hand. It was a bit warm, but great for stress relief. Actually, this would probably work even better if you draw a face of someone you don’t like on the eggs first. *makes a note for next time*

 Note: If you are trying to lose weight, you can open the bag at this point, and take a good deep breath of the eggy fumes. I bet you won’t feel like eating much after that. Nice. 🙂

Then I added the earrings to the bag:

“Hey, a sauna, this is kind of relaxing. Wait, what’s that awful smell? No, I’ve changed my mind, let me out. I’m choking…”
So I left the earrings in the bag, and tried not to keep looking at them. Occasionally I would poke the eggs a bit to release more of the fumes. After an hour or two, I could see a colour change, but it wasn’t quite dark enough. So I left the earrings in the bag overnight, and this is how they turned out:
The earring wires have worked really well, but the headpin wire and bead caps are a bit patchier. 
That could be because I didn’t clean them with the alcohol properly. I guess I could try oxidising the individual components first then making them into jewellery. Or I could just buy them ready oxidised. But where’s the fun in that? 😀

Upcycling old jewellery into new

I never know what the ‘in’ phrase is for this these days. Anyway, my lovely Mummy gave me some bits and pieces of old jewellery which she never wears, and I am planning to use it to make new pieces.

 The pearl earrings could be rings, or possibly centre pieces for broochs. The single stone earring (not sure if it’s moonstone or labradorite) is very pretty – not sure what to do with that. And the two brooches are very pretty. I don’t think I’ll be taking them to pieces, but I might add to them a bit. I also have this choker necklace:

It’s really pretty, the beads are lovely. I apologise for the photo, I’m not sure why I didn’t bother to arrange it in a neater fashion. It’s the ideal colour for the April challenge on the Operation Tackle that Bead Stash blog:

Finally, now that Mother’s Day has passed (in the UK at least), I can show you the earrings I made for my Mum:

I love these ‘cathedral’ style beads, and turquoise is one of my favourite colours. I might be forced to make myself a pair of these, as well as some for my shop.