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Back again, with some sparkly spangles

So after all that messing about and moving to WordPress, I am back on Blogger again. I moved from my other Blogger blog to WP because I wanted to get rid of a commenting system and I couldn’t delete it without losing ALL my comments. And I wanted to see what all the fuss was about on WordPress. However, a few months (and only a couple of blog posts) later, and I’ve realised that there is no need for fuss, and that Blogger suits me just fine. But I have started a fresh blog to make sure that the comments and everything else work as they should. My old blog, Kitty Ballistic’s Creations, is still around, but I will be using this shiny new blog from now on.

Still with me? Good! And here is your reward – pictures and videos of sparklies.

I love this ring with colour changing glitter flakes – it really does show a rainbow of colours.

You have NO idea how much fun these are to try to photograph. 😉

And here it is ‘in action’. Check out my ossim ‘jewellery show offery’ skills. I don’t think I’ll be hosting my own telesell television show any time soon. 😀

The only other clip I have ready at the moment is of these earrings:

You can see a glimpse of how the colour changes in the photos, but the video shows it much better:

I have taken some more video clips, but I’m on a rather steep learning curve as far as video making and editing goes, so I need to tinker with the videos a bit more before posting them.

Being a fickle sort, my obsessions don’t always last that long. However, I have discovered some fantastic sparklies and I can’t stop admiring them. They’re called rivoli crystals, and they are soooooo sparklyshinypretty. Look:

Purple crystal earrings
Green crystal earrings
These are my favourites. I made them to sell, but you know, I’m really not sure I can part with them:


Rivoli crystal vitrail earrings 

 They sparkle with all the colours of the rainbow, and they are just so mesmerising. The shape means that they catch the light pretty much all the time, and the back is coated with foil, which is where the colours come from. I think.

And as an added bonus, their name makes me think of A) ravioli (and anything that makes me think of pasta is a GOOD THING) and b) the Gypsy Kings. Come on, sing it with me. Rivoli…..woah! Campari….woah! *uncertainly mumbling the words* 

 See? Best. Sparklies. Ever. 🙂

Embossed earring cards using Sizzix Big Shot and Textured Impressions folders

I could’ve sworn I’d posted about using a new shape for my earring cards somewhere – maybe it was on Facebook? Anyway, as you may know, I use my Craft Mangle (Sizzix Big Shot) to create cards for my earrings, and found a label shape from Nestabilities which I *love*:

However, I wanted to jazz this up a bit, so I decided to try embossing to add some texture. And here are the results:

Which due to the background colour and shape of the label is making me think of sticking plasters.

I love these patterns – swirls and dots, and birds! Here are the patterns on larger sized bits of card:

I love this! I am trying to figure out how to use it to make cards and stationery for myself

And here are the new textured earring cards in action:

So, what do you think? I quite like them, but I want to also try to make earring cards for dangly earrings too.

Painted filigree components

I just thought I’d post to show you some pics of my latest ‘thing’ – I take metal filigree shapes and paint them using acrylic paint (I may do a tutorial on this at some point). Some filigree items are in lovely shades of dark bronze and don’t need any colour, but to jazz things up a bit, a lick of paint seems to do the trick. It’s quite addictive as well.

So far, I’ve only made earrings with just the painted filigree component, and no beads.

For some reason, these are devillishly hard to photograph
However, I have plans to add some beads to these beauties to make earrings, and possibly a necklace or two as well.
The leaf shapes look like they have a nice patina on them – cool!
 Arty close-up shot

Only one coat of paint on these so far – I may sand them a bit so the texture still shows through.

Mmmm…chocolatey. Again, this is after only one coat of paint.

These birds have had two coats of paint, but no varnish sealer yet. 

The acrylic paint comes of really easily, but the varnish is a pain to remove. So if anyone has any handy hints for how to get the acrylic varnish off the paintbrush/my hands, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Gorgeous glass lampwork beads

I have been wanting to buy some lampwork beads for a while, as I fancied making some earrings with them. I just happened to see a message on Twitter from the fantastic Carolyn of CeeGeeJewellery about being one sale away from 100 in her shop, EvaBeanBeads, and well, it was clearly fate. After some time spent drooling over the contents of her shop, I decided on these little beauties, which arrived yesterday:

Arty close up shot:
And as if that weren’t enough, I got a free gift for being the 100th sale in the shop:
Ooh, what’s that I spy? Is it a matching pair of beads which would be ideal for a pair of earrings for me?
Why yes, it is! 
I also bought myself some more glass earlier in the week. Not beads, but from a bead shop at least:
It’s a gorgeous blown glass heart. It’s a couple of inches wide, so too big for jewellery. It will either go in a bowl, or be hung up on some nice ribbon. Which will have a very secure knot. We bought it at a rather nice bead shop in Ghent. It is full of lovely (but expensive) beady treasures. This is what the inside of the gift box says:
So on that note, I am off to use some of my new beads to make some jewellery. 🙂