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I me mine I me mine I me mine

Yes, I made myself something. Something I have been wanting for such a long time. I spotted a beautiful jade flower ring on Stylehive last year, but as is always the way, it was only available in the U.S. I’ve been looking for some nice jade flower beads so I could make myself a ring, and last week, I found some at jivah’s shop on Etsy. They arrived today, and so I have just finished making myself this:

And along with these gorgeous jade beads, I got these, which look like sweets:

Yummy! Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the title of this post…

Jade ring

So I am ill with a cold, and am bimbling about at home, wondering what to do with myself. You know what it’s like – you can’t sleep, can’t get comfortable, but you can’t really concentrate on anything. You need some activities which don’t require too much effort. 😀 I started to look through my bead stash, to see if anything inspired me. And I found a string of jade beads which I was going to make into a necklace for myself, but I forgot about them. Typical. Anyway, I have wanted a jade ring for a while, but haven’t seen one I really like (or at least, one in my size – I have small hands, but I don’t know my ring size). So, I Googled for jade rings, and found a couple of tutorials on wire-wrapped rings. This one from Cut Out and Keep was particularly helpful, although I also found some useful advice in a video from Crafts Beautiful. I used a tube of mascara to wrap the wire round (I tried a few pens and tubes before I found one the right size). The wire-wrapping is a little messy – I prefer to call it ‘organic’. 😉

I have another 39 jade beads left over, but I don’t think I need that many rings. I might make that necklace after all, but that’s for another day, I think. *cough, splutter, sneeze, dramatic swoon onto handy chaise longue*