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Drop earrings makeovers

I have been sorting through some of my stock, and there were a few earrings that were begging to be pimped. They were fine as they were, but nothing special. So I waved my magic wand pliers, and gave them a new look.

First up were these turquoise bead earrings. Nice enough, I like the turquoise and antique brass together:

But I thought that copper might go even better with the bead colour:

Next up were these yummy red ‘nugget’ beads. They’re quite unusual, they have little indents in them. Again, they look fine with the antique brass:

They just needed a little something extra to make them ‘pop’

Little yellow flowers FTW! I love how these look now, they remind me of cartoons somehow. Maybe the Mr Men…

Anyway, I will be ‘making over’ some more jewellery in the coming weeks. I think it’s a useful exercise, and it certainly makes me aware of how my jewellery making skills have improved, as have my photography skills. 

What do you think?