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A Right Royal Ring

Not one of my best titles, but it’ll do for a lazy Saturday afternoon post.
I am an expert at making things which are a pain to photograph properly – earrings which refuse to behave, felt vegetables which have appalling posture, and sparkling glass rings. So I am quite pleased with how the photos of this particular ring have turned out.

Purple Crown Ring
 OK, so there’s a wee bit of reflection, but it does show the shimmery swirlyness (technical term) off rather well. And also…now it’s purple, now it’s blue!

Blue Crown Ring

Yup, it’s exactly the same ring, ladles and jellyspoons – there’s nothing up my sleeves.

I am still fascinated with the whole galaxy/night sky thing, and am itching to have a go at some night sky photography (when we finally get a clear night). Until then, I’ve been playing around with the galaxy idea for jewellery again. You might have already seen the galaxy rings I’ve made before – if not, you can find them here: click here for galaxy rings. But I had some metal blanks in my stash, and I wanted to try making tiny galaxies in other ways, so I painted directly onto metal.

Galaxy Stars Pendant
I think it’s worked quite well, although it needs to be sealed before I can make it into a pendant or earrings. Which might involve me having to try out the jewellery resin I bought some time ago. Exciting stuff!

Oh, and the title has given me an earworm. Which of course, I feel I should share with you all. 😛

A beady, bee-y bracelet

Yet another great blog post title from me. You’re very welcome.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am prone to earring-making frenzies. I absolutely love making them, despite the fact that I rarely wear any of my own creations (I can’t wear any large earrings  as I am lobe-ally challenged *sadface*). However, I have recently developed a liking for making bracelets. One evening I made myself a little beaded bracelet with a tassel which I discovered in daylight was slightly the wrong shade of red. *twitching* I continued on my bracelet quest, and despite battling with tigertail (a coated wired used in jewellery making), crimp beads and knotted elastic that suddenly decides to ‘ping’ your carefully chosen beads across the room, I have made a bracelet that I am actually quite pleased with. As a picky perfectionist (when it comes to my own work) that is high praise indeed).

 Looky here:

It’s a relatively simple design, but I think it works quite well. I love love LOVE the purple glass beads with their ‘lustre’ effect (oh yes, I know ALL the lingo). And look…

The bee bead changes colour when the temperature changes. Which is not that easy to photograph in February. It’s a bit like the mood beads that were ‘all the rage’ in the Seventies.  According to Wikipedia, the colour change effect is due to a ‘thermochromic element’. Which is not nearly as much fun to say as a ‘moody bee bead’.

Vintaj Patina Inks: An Obsession Begins…

I discovered a new ‘toy’ this week, which has quite quickly become a bit of an obsession. I have used acrylic paints and alcohol inks in my jewellery making before, but I came across Ranger Vintaj (in my head, this is pronounced ‘vin-TAAAAAAAAAJ’) Patina ink kits this week, and they are fast becoming a favourite of mine. Whereas regular acrylic paint tends to be matte, the patina inks have a sort of satin finish. The kits come in colour groups which mimic the natural effects found on aged metals, e.g. verdigris. I ordered myself the Weather Copper (turquoise and greens) and Victorian Gable (pinks and purples) sets. And despite us being in the middle of a massive tidy up before moving house in a few short months, I opened the kits up and tried them out.

The inks are nice and opaque but they still let the detail from the metal show through. They work best on detailed surfaces – only totally flat surfaces, it’s difficult to get a good finish (you see slight brush strokes, for example). They dry amazingly fast (in about a minute) which is ideal if you are massively impatient like me keen to create. They also don’t need to be sealed, which is great for filigree pieces, as sometimes varnish can get stuck in the holes. 
You can see the satin finish clearly here – a nice sheen, but not glossy-bling.

LOVE these so much. A lovely soft green colour, and the detailing in the metal shows through perfectly.
Before I went mad and used the inks on every single bit of metal I could find, I thought I’d try out a few earring designs with the new pieces.

I think these might be my favourites. I do love these tiny aeroplanes, and I’d forgotten I had them until I started rummaging through boxes in search of metal items to use with the inks.

 I think those beads look a bit planet-y, don’t you?

My handmade Christmas haul

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I was thoroughly spoilt this year, and got loads of fab goodies. I took part in the Crafteroo secret santa again, and look at the gorgeous cushion I got from my Santa:

It’s quilted – at least, I think it’s a sort of quilting, it has wavy embroidered lines on the background. And look at how cute the cat’s face is:
I also got some gorgeous handmade jewellery from my friend, Kats (who owns Future Queen Jewels):
 I love these yummy ‘seaglass’ effect beads

 The photo doesn’t show it that well, but the crystal pendant has a slightly twisted shape – lovely!
And Kats also got me this fantastic fennec fox figurine (try saying that quickly three times!):
Lookit the tiny hands! *lovehearts*
He/she (no name yet) is from a fabulous shop which I’ve featured on my Facebook page before – it’s called Bonjour Poupette, and it has the most amazingly cute miniature creatures. 
And finally, I got a few craft books to read. 
I’ve tried embroidery before, and I’ve dabbled in seed beadery, but I want to get to grips with both properly. I will attempt to do that in between making new things for the Crafteroo Pinterest Challenge, which starts in the new year (or, if you prefer, Sunday). More on that very soon….

Stocking up my Etsy shop

I don’t usually pimp out my shops like this, but I recently reopened my Etsy shop and I’ve started to add some handmade jewellery to it. I just fancied showing off some of my jewellery, really. 🙂

Some of the items I’ve posted about before:

And some are new:
I seem to have developed a taste for vintage beads, but fear not, the buttons will be back soon.