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DIY Disco Glitterballs

This year I’m having a birthday party, as it’s a special *cough* birthday. And as I am a fan of all things disco/glam rock, there’s a slight Seventies theme to my party (although it’s not a fancy dress party). I already have my dress, and some ultra sparkly shoes, and I decided that I needed some mini glitterballs to decorate the party tables. Here’s how I’m making them.

I am using polystyrene balls, about the size of golf balls. The reason that these are shown on a saucer is that they went all static-y and decided to flee. BAD polystyrene balls. >:-(

 I used metallic acrylic paint to turn the balls silver. As the glitterballs will be placed in vases on the tables, I also painted some wooden skewers to match.

Once the paint is dry, the fun begins – glue ‘n’ glitter!

I used PVA glue to coat the balls (for some reason the glue was very thick and dried quickly, so I couldn’t hang about). Once the ball was coated in glue, I sprinkled the glitter over the ball to cover it completely and left them to dry.

They don’t look massively sparkly in that picture. Humph. They look a bit better in the close up pic:

Anyway, they need to dry for a few hours, and then will be sprayed with hairspray to ‘set’ the glitter. And then I have to think about how to transport them back with me, without coating everything in my suitcase in glitter. Although the same issue applies to my party shoes. 😀
If you want to try making these, I have some handy hints.
  • Newspaper, and lots of it. Everywhere. Glitter moves in mysterious ways.
  • I used an old chocolate box lid for applying glitter. Thanks to my friend, Kats, for buying me a massive box of choccies for Christmas. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. 😀
  • I also wore a latex glove for shovelling glitter onto the balls. Possibly overkill, but for someone who has very sensitive eyes, it’s worth avoiding the ‘glitter in eye’ scenario (again). 
I’ll take some pics of the finished table decs so you can see the glitterballs ‘in action’. 

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(s)

I am still firmly in the grip of Glitter Fever, and have been creating plenty of sparklies. Sadly, the weather has been most uncooperative, which means I am waaay behind on taking photos. I have bought some lights for tabletop photography, but haven’t figured out where to set them up yet (as I don’t actually have a suitable ‘tabletop’ upon which to take photos – doh!)

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my latest creations, as I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

The background is a gorgeous inky blue-purple colour, with lashings of silvery glitter.

The ring is available in my Etsy shop, and I am thinking of making some small stud earrings to match the ring – what do you think?

Back again, with some sparkly spangles

So after all that messing about and moving to WordPress, I am back on Blogger again. I moved from my other Blogger blog to WP because I wanted to get rid of a commenting system and I couldn’t delete it without losing ALL my comments. And I wanted to see what all the fuss was about on WordPress. However, a few months (and only a couple of blog posts) later, and I’ve realised that there is no need for fuss, and that Blogger suits me just fine. But I have started a fresh blog to make sure that the comments and everything else work as they should. My old blog, Kitty Ballistic’s Creations, is still around, but I will be using this shiny new blog from now on.

Still with me? Good! And here is your reward – pictures and videos of sparklies.

I love this ring with colour changing glitter flakes – it really does show a rainbow of colours.

You have NO idea how much fun these are to try to photograph. 😉

And here it is ‘in action’. Check out my ossim ‘jewellery show offery’ skills. I don’t think I’ll be hosting my own telesell television show any time soon. 😀

The only other clip I have ready at the moment is of these earrings:

You can see a glimpse of how the colour changes in the photos, but the video shows it much better:

I have taken some more video clips, but I’m on a rather steep learning curve as far as video making and editing goes, so I need to tinker with the videos a bit more before posting them.

Glitterbats and aubergines

I am struggling with my felty pursuits at the moment, as I can’t bring myself to make anything remotely Christmassy. Yes, I know I should be prepared and start making stuff, but it’s September. Sep-tember. Christmas is still months away. I have been jotting down some ideas, and I have some beady makes on my list which will be going in the shop, but which aren’t overly festive. Anyway, I did have a go at something for Halloween – a disco glitter bat brooch. Yes, really:

I haven’t put him in the shop yet, as I made the mistake of forgetting to stitch the brooch back on, so it’s been glued. And I’m worried it won’t be strong enough to hold, so I may end up keeping this one for myself. Proto-disco-glitter-bat-brooch. Yeah, I’ll work on the name. 🙂
Next up is a felt aubergine, whose name escapes me at the moment….

I will take a better photo of him for the shop.
And here’s Ms Strawb, who was a commission and who has already gone to live in Paris with her new owner: