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Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery

I found out about the Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery via the BBC gardening website and yesterday we decided to visit, as the gardens are only a 20 minute drive away. It was a little overcast when we arrived, but next to the carpark was a gorgeous meadow of wildflowers, and a few rabbits. 🙂

We had a wander round looking at all the plants in the nursery, I made a few notes of which ones I *needed* to buy, then after a cup of tea, we went to look around the gardens.

Right by the entrance was a hen house, with a very pretty but stern looking guardian in the doorway.

Chicken in doorway of hen house

We didn’t realise quite how large the gardens would be, as we walked through a small archway and round alongside a house and conservatory. A lot of the plants growing in the garden were available to buy in the nursery, so as we wandered about, we were looking at name tags and trying to remember which plants to look for later on. There were just too many though – the gardens were just packed with gorgeous plants.

We spent a good hour or so walking round, and once the sun came out, we didn’t really want to move. 

I would definitely recommend a visit, and there’s also a woodland walk nearby, so you could make a day of it.

Small things amuse small minds

Or so the saying goes. I’ve already mentioned my love of mini things on this blog, so it will be no surprise to you to discover that when I was beachcombing for shells on holiday recently and I spotted some teensy shells, I had to bring some home with me. Don’t worry, I only brought a few back with me – there’s a gazillion left on the beach for others to enjoy.

“But wait!”, I hear you cry…”How can we be sure that those are mini shells, and not just regular shells photographed from a distance?” Behold – the magic of The Ruler!

That really is rather small. 😀

Also rather small is….*drumroll*…the aubergine which appeared on my (dwarf) plant while I was away.

I didn’t have my ruler in the garden with me, so I did my best to show scale…

See? It’s roughly the same size as a normal house key. Bless!

And just in case you’re having trouble imagining the size of the shells, or even the auberginette, here’s a handy video clip to help you out:

Leafy Friday

You know, I used to have several blogs for different subjects – gardening, crafts, personal stuff. Of course, eventually, I forgot to update them all, and seeing as I am just about managing to keep this one current, I may as well put my gardening stuff in here. Well, it is something I’ve created. Kinda. Look, stop complaining, do you want to see the nice plants or not? Well, alright then. 😀

My tiny greenhouse (that would make a great sitcom, wouldn’t it? No? Fine, suit yourselves) is still going strong, although I still need another ‘shelf solution’, as it’s standing room only. Mind you, some of the inhabitants will be booted out shortly. For example, the mixed salad leaves which are begging to be eaten this weekend:

Nom. Also looking quite tasty are the black basil seedlings (which really need to be thinned out and repotted this weekend):

Every time I see this plant, I get the tune ‘Black Betty’ in my head – that can’t be good, can it? Moving swiftly on…the Courgette That Took Over The World:

So big it doesn’t even fit in the frame – run, save yourselves! Seriously, these plants grow like mad – you can see changes to them from one day to the next. Shame the climbing courgette seeds I ordered didn’t arrive yet. *sulks*

My sweetpeas are doing well too – they’re in front of the greenhouse for now, but will end up on the patio next to the table so that I can smell their scent while I’m sitting reading – bliss!

And finally, meet Mr Blackbird, who insists on flapping about, trying to get at the fat block in the feeder, instead of sitting on top of it and pecking downwards – doh! Apologies for the poor pic, I didn’t have a longer lens with me, and I couldn’t get much closer.

Seriously dude, work smarter, not harder. You don’t see Mrs Blackbird doing that, do you? No, that’s right, she’s too busy pulling up the moss from my lawn and then leaving it lying there because it’s not quite the right shade of green for the nest. Tchuh. Oh, I’ve just realised, you can see the “Medbed” (yes, we gave it a nickname – we are *that* sad) to the left of the picture – olive tree, thyme, sage and rosemary, all waiting to soak up some sun. I hope they’re patient plants.