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A trip to the National Waterways Museum

Let’s gloss over the fact that I haven’t blogged in almost 2 months and instead look at some pretty photos of colourful narrow boats, shall we?

Painted kettle on narrowboat

OK, so that’s not actually a boat, but it’s on a boat. And it is colourful.

We visited the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port last Friday, and we had gorgeous weather for it. We got there relatively early to avoid most of the crowds, so we were able to wander round and take some photos pretty easily.

The museum has displays about the history of the boats, as well as locks and moorings, and a heritage boatyard, which contained some amazing old boats which are being restored by volunteers.

I found it really interesting, the buildings were fascinating inside and out – check out this photo of an engine in the ‘Power Hall’ (love the name!)

Boat engine in Power Hall

There is also a blacksmith’s forge, where you could see amazing pieces of metalwork, and they also run workshops too.

Outside, I kept being drawn to the bright colours on the boats…

Blue and yellow narrowboat name sign

Blue narrowboat 'Indigo Dawn'
I confess I took this picture because it made me think of bacon. I should probably hand back my vegetarian membership card now. 
Narrowboat number sign

Alongside the museum there were lots of narrow boats with people sitting in deckchairs alongside them with mugs of tea and dozing dogs on the grass next to them. Fantastic stuff. And as if that wasn’t enough, I spotted this…

Narrowboat selling fudge

A boat of fudge. Be still, my beating heart. The Fudge Boat.

And of course, that made me think of…