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Yet more earrings

I am a woman obsessed – I can’t stop making earrings. My last order at Artbeads contained at least 40 pairs of earwires (possibly more, I don’t remember). I need to branch out a little, I think – maybe make some more necklaces. In the meantime, here are my latest creations:

I love the turquoise colour, but I think the pale blue-amber combo is really pretty too. And even the pink isn’t that bad…you know, for pink. 😉

My next make will be for the Garden swap, and it will be something made from felt. Oops, I hope I didn’t spoil the surprise. 😀 I will also be blogging about the Coriandr Express again soon – there’s a new VIP in town.

Floral frenzy

As Kats was visiting us last week, we decided to pay a trip to the Keukenhof gardens in Lisse. The gardens are open for about 2 months each year, and people travel from all over the world to visit. And I’m not surprised, it’s full of beautiful flowers – mostly tulips, but there are a variety of plants and flowers there. I snapped away merrily and took a fair few photos – here are some of my favourites.

This year, we had the satnav to guide us, and it brought us into the carpark via a different route. And look what we’d been missing out on – field upon field of tulips!

The whole place is a riot of colour – I get dizzy (and tired) just thinking about planting all these bulbs:

And this year, not only are there a gazillion flowers to ooh and aah over but…petting zoo! PETTING ZOO! And thankfully, it wasn’t just for kids (although I’d have been through the gate regardless). There were ridiculously fluffy chickens, turkeys (in a petting zoo?), donkeys, lambs, goats (bless), a calf (picture below) and a fluffy baby llama. Which sat with its arms folded under it and calmly allowed itself to be hugged and stroked. I would post a pic but I didn’t get the Hubster to sign a model release form yet. So you’ll have to make do with this beautiful calf:

So, a fun day was had by all. It was uber busy, so we were out of there by 2pm – unfortunately we hit a load of traffic and had a nightmare journey back, which explains why I’ve been so lax with blogging.

No, I know it doesn’t – just focus on the calf picture. 😀

Spring has sprung!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the daffodils and crocuses (croci?) are in bloom. The world seems a much nicer place when there’s Spring in the air. And, being a natural pessimist, I know it is too good to last. So, I went in search of things that would allow me to keep that Spring feeling even when the weather goes bad. And look what I found:

They’re crocheted. Yes, that’s right, crocheted. The talented maker of these delicate flowers is suili, and you can see more of her crocheted flowers in her Etsy shop.

I know I need some of these, but I am having a tough time deciding one which flowers to pick. And I’ve just spotted some Lily of the Valley, which makes it even harder to choose. *sigh*