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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star(s)

I am still firmly in the grip of Glitter Fever, and have been creating plenty of sparklies. Sadly, the weather has been most uncooperative, which means I am waaay behind on taking photos. I have bought some lights for tabletop photography, but haven’t figured out where to set them up yet (as I don’t actually have a suitable ‘tabletop’ upon which to take photos – doh!)

Anyway, I wanted to share one of my latest creations, as I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

The background is a gorgeous inky blue-purple colour, with lashings of silvery glitter.

The ring is available in my Etsy shop, and I am thinking of making some small stud earrings to match the ring – what do you think?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2012!

I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and thoroughly splendid 2012. 🙂

Set of 5 Happy New Year cards by Emily McDowell Draws 

Stocking up my Etsy shop

I don’t usually pimp out my shops like this, but I recently reopened my Etsy shop and I’ve started to add some handmade jewellery to it. I just fancied showing off some of my jewellery, really. 🙂

Some of the items I’ve posted about before:

And some are new:
I seem to have developed a taste for vintage beads, but fear not, the buttons will be back soon. 

Crafteroo Button swap: Bonus post!

I posted a while ago about the lufflies I received for the Crafteroo Button Swap. Well, I have to post again, as this very afternoon, I received a rather exciting looking parcel with some rather snazzy tape on it:

And inside it was….

Close up of buttony-cog loveliness:

Such a cute idea! I didn’t really want to unwrap the parcel because it looked so nice, but…well, it had to be done. By the way, the wrapping paper is a dressmaking pattern – clever idea, eh?

So I unwrapped the parcel carefully, and found all manner of goodies:

Some yummy buttons on a playing card (I love this idea):

I don’t really want to take them off the card, but they are already calling to me…

Gorgeous spotted fabric strawberry – this is so, so pretty!
Behold the cuteness! 

A rather funky ‘Team Rincewind’ badge (called a button in the U.S. – so if you didn’t already know that, you learned something new today and you can go ahead and have the rest of the day off. I’ll write you a note):
Rincewind is (of course) the hapless wizard from the massively popular Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

And last but not least – chocolate buttons!
The, um, bag split at the back, so I had to eat some already. Yeah, that sounds plausible.

I am beyond thrilled with the goodies I received, especially these were extra bonus goodies, made by the extremely talented Apryl of Meridian Ariel, out of the goodness of her heart. Apryl, thank you so much, you have thoroughly spoiled me, and I am delighted with my parcel of pretties. 🙂

Apryl makes badges like the one I received, but also charming dolls. Look at these lovely little characters in her Etsy shop:

This is Miss Gertrude the Gatekeeper. I love her outfit, and Apryl gives each of her creations a fascinating back story. I love the style of her photos too, it’s so unique and ideal for her dolls. I seriously recommend you check out her shop, and her blog too. 

A wonderful, warm world of buttons

It is still warm here. I am melting. I have managed to peel myself off the sofa long enough to make some more earrings, but that’s about it. The supplies I was hoping to use this weekend have not arrived, so I am too hot and slightly grumpy. However, I shall attempt to cheer myself (and anyone else suffering from heat-based crabbiness) up with a few fabulous buttony finds.

First, some beautiful handmade polymer clay buttons by Beadcomber

Next up are these colourful button magnets from YouAreMySunshine:

And the last item (what, you thought I could write a post that doesn’t mention earrings somewhere?) are these vivid green fabric button earrings from Bijunea:

And if that didn’t cheer you up, have a look at these famous film quotes which feature buttons*:

“May the buttons be with you” One of the many, many, Star Wars films
“I love the smell of buttons in the morning!” Apocalypse Now
“Show me the buttons!” Jerry McGuire
“Button. James Button.” Dr No
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a button!” Gone with the Wind

*May not actually be true. What can I say, I guess the heat (and the glue fumes) got to me. I think I’ll go and have a little lie down…