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Pack ALL the things!

So, we’re moving house in a month or maybe two (at the most). It’s one of the most stressful things you can do, apparently. And today, I am feeling some of that stress, as I attempted to tidy up my craft room and pack away some of my stash. I started attempting to tidy up a while ago, but there has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing of things, as I try to figure out what I’ll feel like doing in the next few weeks. See, even though *all* we have to do is find a new house in the UK, prepare our current house for tenants, find ourselves jobs, and move us, our stuff (I’m pretty sure we have 50 boxes already, and we still have two 5-shelf bookcases to pack) and two cats, I know I will feel the need to do something creative to relax while we hurtle full-speed into Moving Chaos. Today I decided that I would work on tidying/away my bead stash, or at least getting it to a manageable mess, so if I feel the need to make some jewellery, I can do it relatively easily. So I worked for most of the day on organising supplies, sorting through stuff, and now some stash is neatly stacked on my desk, while the rest has been packed away. Of course, as I was packing stuff away I found things I *needed* to use right away, so there was a short pause for an earring frenzy.

Yes, those are bat earrings with discoball-esque beads.

I forgot about these until I’d taken the photo, but they’re quite big and would’ve hogged all the attention in the first photo:
These galaxy rings are a bit of a cheat, as I started making these yesterday, although to be fair, I was sorting out my glass dome jewellery supplies and that triggered me to make ‘just a few more’ before packing everything away.

And now, all that is left to do (today) is to clear all the stuff off the sofabed in the spare room, so I can put my feet up this evening with a large mug of tea and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Move – what move?!

Just another Saturday afternoon earring frenzy

It’s Saturday afternoon, therefore, it must be time for an earring-making frenzy. I got some of these cute coloured bows before I went on holiday, and have just put them to use in some new earrings.

As you can tell from the lighting in the photos, it’s a bit of a grey, gloomy day here, but the forecast for tomorrow is much better, so I’m hoping to get a load of photos taken, and then these can be listed in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also made some longer, ‘boho’ style earrings, but I’m still playing around with the choice of earring wires for those. *perfectionist* I’ll hopefully get pics of those when they’re finished tomorrow as well.

Here is a photo of some dinosaur earrings I made yesterday.

brass dinosaur charm beaded handmade earrings
If you follow my Facebook page, you’ll have already seen them and read an overheard conversation they had. Yes, really. Note to self: when painting metal, make sure room is well-ventilated.

Oxidising copper jewellery (or Adventures in Egg Land, part two)

I have already tried oxidising silver jewellery last year, so when I read that it’s also possible to use the same method to oxidise copper jewellery, I decided to give that a go. I recently ordered some copper findings from a fantastic seller called RoyalMetals and my goodies arrived this week. I set to work making some earrings with them, and then picked a pair which I thought might suit the darker brown colour of oxidised copper:

When I tried oxidizing the silver earrings last year, I used a tupperware container. I’ve seen tutorials mentioning ziplock bags, so I thought I’d try that this time. I read online that copper-plated items might not oxidise well, so I ‘cleaned’ the metal bits of the earrings with 70% alcohol (from the first aid box, not the drinks cabinet). Acetone is recommended for this, but I didn’t have any, as I buy acetone-free nail varnish remover (to go with the numerous bottles of nail varnish I own but never use).

So I hard-boiled a couple of eggs, and put them into the bag. I then bashed merry heck out of the eggs with my hand. It was a bit warm, but great for stress relief. Actually, this would probably work even better if you draw a face of someone you don’t like on the eggs first. *makes a note for next time*

 Note: If you are trying to lose weight, you can open the bag at this point, and take a good deep breath of the eggy fumes. I bet you won’t feel like eating much after that. Nice. 🙂

Then I added the earrings to the bag:

“Hey, a sauna, this is kind of relaxing. Wait, what’s that awful smell? No, I’ve changed my mind, let me out. I’m choking…”
So I left the earrings in the bag, and tried not to keep looking at them. Occasionally I would poke the eggs a bit to release more of the fumes. After an hour or two, I could see a colour change, but it wasn’t quite dark enough. So I left the earrings in the bag overnight, and this is how they turned out:
The earring wires have worked really well, but the headpin wire and bead caps are a bit patchier. 
That could be because I didn’t clean them with the alcohol properly. I guess I could try oxidising the individual components first then making them into jewellery. Or I could just buy them ready oxidised. But where’s the fun in that? 😀

Handmade jewellery from recycled clothing and buttons – part one

I’ve started to get into recycling more recently. Well, if you can count going ‘oooooh! over some tiny buttons on a White Stuff tag as recycling:

Seriously, look how cute they are! They were just begging to be made into earrings, really.

Then the Husbinator and I decided to have a bit of a wardrobe clearout. We took several large bags of clothes to the second hand recycling bins today, but I salvaged a few items for craft purposes. I also had a few items which could no longer be worn, and I saved some bits from those too. I never realised how pretty the buttons were until I chopped them off the old blouse I was throwing away:

And I got this lace/crochet panel from the same blouse – no clue what I’m going to do with it, but it was too pretty to throw away:

And then the Husbinator showed me the pile of t-shirts he was throwing out, and again, I salvaged some. I’ve seen plenty of tutorials for recycling t-shirt fabric into jewellery or accessories, so I have Plans. And here is one of them:

In case you were wondering, it’s a fabric flower brooch. 
Check out the almost neat felt circle I cut out. I am improving. 😀

There are a couple more items for my recycling show and tell, but I’ll save them for another post later this week. “Always leave them wanting more” as the saying goes. Who said that? Anyone? Anyone?