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Kitty Ballistic's Creations Third Blogiversary

Today is my 3rd blogiversary. Yes, three whole years have passed since I first start posting about the things I like to make from beads, buttons and felt. Wheee!

Three cakes, do you see? One for each year! I haz teh smartz. And lookit the tiny cupcake candleholder!

I have enjoyed sharing my crafting exploits with you over the last few years. The number of posts I’ve actually written does suggest that I spend more time being distracted by shiny things than is good for me. I promise to work on that. *crosses fingers behind back*   Other plans include:

  • More tutorials – the Felt Sweets tutorial I wrote seems popular, and I quite enjoy writing tutes.
  • I also want to make more felt items. I have a to-do list of characters AND one poor felt person who is in bits in my project bag. 🙁
  • I also have a few new crafts I want to try, and rather than wait until I have finished an item, I might share them as works in progress. And if it all goes wrong, there’s always the CraftFail blog. 😀
  • And I think I might give the blog a makeover. And yes, I will back it all up first. I learn from my mistakes. Sometimes. 🙂

If you want to zoom back in time to see how it all began here is my first post on this blog (feel free to make whooshing noises to emulate time travel as you click):

Yes, that is a felt womb, with a missing fallopian tube. Click the photo to read more (there are beads, it’s not all about crafted reproductive organs).

I always enjoy reading your comments, and would like to thank you all for supporting me so far.
I’d like you to celebrate my blogiversary with me by eating a cake (or similarly treat-y item) of your choice, and leaving me a comment below. Tell me which posts you like best, or what you’d like to see more of.


Decorating cupcakes with fondant icing (or Introducing Sumo Bear)

I have recently developed a taste for cupcakes, and despite never having been particularly successful at baking before, I’ve managed to make a few good batches of them already. The latest makes were lemon vanilla cakes with cream cheese icing. The Husbinator couldn’t fathom how cream cheese could be made into icing, but he did admit that they tasted pretty good:

So, spurred on by that success, I signed up for a cupcake decoration class with a friend. We spent three happy hours learning how to make cake decorations, including a bear and a pig, from fondant icing. I somehow got the proportions wrong for my bear, so he is a little…cuddly. Hence the nickname, Sumo Bear:

I’m just big-boned
He’s not bad for a first effort, and he is pretty cute. I guess all that time spent playing with polymer clay helped. My pig turned out OK too, although he looks pretty startled. We discovered why when we took him out of the cake box at home and realised that his tail had come off. Oops!
 Dude, where’s my tail?
The less challenging cake decorations involved rolling out various colours of icing and using cutters, moulds and glitter (aka ‘Pixie dust’):
Pastel colours, flowers and swirls
Close up of the rose sprinkled with pixie dust!
One of the highlights of the class was at the beginning, using a small cutter to gouge out a piece of cake in order to fill it with jam or…..lemon curd! It’s available over here! And I have some! So now all I need to do is remember what the gazillion recipes are that I needed it for. Until then, there’s always….

A moderately successful baking session

I got it into my head that I needed to make some cupcake toppers – I have some ideas in mind. And of course, I needed cupcakes to try them out on, so I searched for some recipes and found this one. I love lemony cakes, so they sounded ideal. We went shopping this morning, and of course, there were no poppy seeds. Apparently they’re not a regular baking ingredient. Oh well. So, I went ahead and baked the cakes without them. And it was only once the cakes were in the oven that I realised I hadn’t even started making the toppers. So, let’s just consider these as a trial run, shall we?

I am slightly impressed with my icing skills, especially as I made the icing too early, and then was too impatient to wait until the cakes were completely cool which meant that the icing was very soft. The cakes taste goooood though. More baking next weekend, as the Husbinator wants some chocolate cakes.

Until then, here are a few cupcake finds to tide us over.