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Handmade cards and a wire wrapped ring

I have had mixed success with my crafty pursuits this weekend. I have a ring to make for a colleague which for some reason is proving tricky. I did try out a new technique using wire wrapping to make myself this ring though:

It’s the first time I’ve played around with 18 gauge wire, so I’m quite impressed with it. Of course, the perfectionist in me sees little things that are wrong with it. I’m happy to wear it though, but it would need to be better if I was making it to go in the shop. *sigh*

I also struggled with the two cards I needed to make this weekend. One is for my Dad’s birthday, another for a family friend who has just had an operation. Dad’s card proved tricky, as I had no ideas at all. I eventually settled on a Dad’s Army picture, as my Dad is a fan:

The card for the friend was a little easier to make, as I already had an idea in my head. I got to use the craft mangle again – yay!

And after saying that the Craft Neutral challenge wasn’t going that well, I had three sales last week – two of my felt items on Artfire, and a necklace from my Coriandr shop (which I confess, I have neglected). I should tot up income and outgoings and see how far in the red I am.

I am desperately trying not to think about buying new pliers, which I could do with, as the ones I have mark the wire a little, even with an application of ‘Tool Magic’. I also fancy getting a hammer and bench block to have a go at some hammered silver. AND I saw a workshop for using Precious Metal Clay. But I have a mountain of beads and felt to reduce first.

Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s been a busy day in the Ballistic household. Mr B and I made cards for each other this year – Mr B was trying to be very secretive, until he had to ask me where certain craft supplies were kept. 😀

Here’s the card he made for me:

That’s a felt plush heart ‘trapped’ behind net. I am so impressed that he sewed something!

And here’s the card I made for him:

Yes, it’s a felt electric guitar, complete with whammy bar and polymer clay heart tuning pegs. It was *so* fiddly to make, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I also love the tiny heart paperclips, which were on the envelope – such a neat little trick (I am easily impressed, I guess). Find out how to make your own heart-shaped paperclips on the Craft.com blog.

After breakfast, we went shopping, and spent a happy 20 minutes or so in a lovely tea and coffee shop. Then we went to one of my favourite shops, a new age (or as I call it, ‘twinkly’) shop. I was looking for some incense to cleanse my crystals with, and spent a while looking at some rather lovely (but expensive) quartz crystals. As I was paying for my purchases, I noticed some lovely wooden hearts near the till, and had to have one. So, mr B bought me one for V day (I bought him a little pressie too – a small buddha statue) – here it is:

The wood is beautifully smooth, and it smells of incense from the shop. Gorgeous.

When we got home, I was packed off out of the way while mr B cooked lunch for us. So we had a roast dinner and pud, with rose cava. Mr B couldn’t be bothered to find the other glasses, so we had big whacking wine glasses instead. *hic*

I may need a little nap now, so before I doze off, I want to wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day!

Buttons and birthday cards

I seem to have a thing for trying to make polymer clay buttons. I see all these beautiful buttons online and want to make some myself, either for on felt items, or on scarves etc. which I have yet to knit (and which will probably never materialise). And while I enjoy the process of making the buttons, the end result is…well, it’s a bit organic. Sort of like those misshapen clay pots you used to make at school. I do like them, but I am hoping that with practise, I’ll be able to make some really pretty, neat buttons as well as the ‘buttons that only a mother could love’ variety I seem to be churning out at the moment.

The second set are unglazed, and yes, I know one is purple, I had some leftover clay to use up.

I have (had) grand plans for these buttons – I was thinking of combining them with felt in a few projects. Then again, I am also planning to have another go at making buttons this weekend, so I’ll hang fire until I see if I can improve on this lot.

I realised that I didn’t post pictures of the birthday cards I made for my sisters-in-law, who both (rather selfishly) have birthdays close to mine.

The hazard of crafting in the evening – shockingly bad light for photos. The cards are made using rather pretty sparkly peeloffs.

Sadly, our lottery win this month was a grand total of 8 Euro 50, so I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon and taking advantage of daylight to photograph my crafted items. Bu……ttons!


I can now reveal the items I made for Kats’ birthday last week.
First up, a very bad photo of the felt purse/pouch:

The front doesn’t really stick up like that, I had just man-handled it for the photo.
And here is the back:

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder CATS!
Then I made two pairs of earrings. These are a sort of copy of a pair of earrings we saw somewhere on the web ages ago that Kats said she liked:

And these are the earrings that almost went in the Dawanda shop, but then Kats saw them and *needed* to have them:

This is a handbag charm I made using my very first felted bead (felted bead – squeeee!):

And finally, the birthday card:

I was also planning to make some more earrings for the shop this evening, but I have loop cramp, so I may leave the crafting until tomorrow.