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A moderately successful baking session

I got it into my head that I needed to make some cupcake toppers – I have some ideas in mind. And of course, I needed cupcakes to try them out on, so I searched for some recipes and found this one. I love lemony cakes, so they sounded ideal. We went shopping this morning, and of course, there were no poppy seeds. Apparently they’re not a regular baking ingredient. Oh well. So, I went ahead and baked the cakes without them. And it was only once the cakes were in the oven that I realised I hadn’t even started making the toppers. So, let’s just consider these as a trial run, shall we?

I am slightly impressed with my icing skills, especially as I made the icing too early, and then was too impatient to wait until the cakes were completely cool which meant that the icing was very soft. The cakes taste goooood though. More baking next weekend, as the Husbinator wants some chocolate cakes.

Until then, here are a few cupcake finds to tide us over.