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Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

I was just pottering about on the internet, looking for ideas for a quick craft project which a) doesn’t involve too much effort, b) doesn’t involve any warm fabrics or materials and c) doesn’t involve putting the oven on (I still love you, shrink plastic *sniff*). And I found this tutorial, which shows you how to make really cute paper flowers. And all that was needed was a bit of paper, scissors and some glue. So, here’s what I made:

I’ve just realised that I have the scrapbook paper upside down. 😀 The blue paper is from an envelope from the Tax office, which makes the title of this post doubly clever. It also pleases me to have got some use out of the letter (seeing as my tax rebate this year was almost invisible to the naked eye – sigh).
However, although I do like ‘Sunny Afternoon’, like most sane people, I still think the Beatles knock the Kinks into a cocked hat, so here is my tax-related song for you to enjoy:

I me mine I me mine I me mine

Yes, I made myself something. Something I have been wanting for such a long time. I spotted a beautiful jade flower ring on Stylehive last year, but as is always the way, it was only available in the U.S. I’ve been looking for some nice jade flower beads so I could make myself a ring, and last week, I found some at jivah’s shop on Etsy. They arrived today, and so I have just finished making myself this:

And along with these gorgeous jade beads, I got these, which look like sweets:

Yummy! Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the title of this post…