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Bead Destash

We’ve decided (finally) that we need to declutter, springclean and generally sort stuff out, so for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been ‘enjoying’ weekly trips to the tip. Yay. I also realised that I have more beads than I will ever use. Actually, more craft stuff, but I’m only facing the Bead Mountain at the moment. So, I’ve now got some destash beads listed in an Etsy shop.

Turquoise Silver Beads, Etched Acrylic Beads, 15mm Oval Beads
Vintage Lucite Beads, Etched Oval Beads, AB Finish, 25mm
I am adding items to my shop when I can, but the weather is being quite uncooperative (hello, Spring? Are you there?). I am being quite well-behaved so far, and not adding to my stash. I am attempting NOT to see any more pretty sparklies, even though people keep waving temptation right under my nose…

Vintage Austrian Aquamarine AB Beads from PickleValentine

Large 10x8mm Czech Glass Beads Pink with a Gold Finish Faceted Rondelles 10 Pcs. 013

Large 10x8mm Czech Glass Beads Pink with a Gold Finish Faceted Rondelles from RoyalMetals

Glass Lampwork Beads Grass Green Handmade Lampwork Glass Etched Orbits Beads

Glass Lampwork Beads Grass Green by SilverRiverGlassWork

*sigh* 😉

I recently bought some cute brass elephant charms, and for once, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them.


brass elephant charm blown glass bead handmade earrings red blue green photo 

 Of course, since making them, I’ve had ‘Nellie the Elephant’ playing on a loop in my head. For those of you who don’t know/remember the song:
Nellie the Elephant on Youtube

A couple of (almost) interesting facts to do with the song:

 1. Bombay is now called Mumbai, but the savoury snack ‘Bombay mix’ has not changed its name.
 2. According to Wikipedia, the song can be used to teach people the rhythm of CPR as the tempo is right for giving the correct number of  chest compressions per minute.

 The song is a favourite of mine from my childhood, but I’ve never been fond of circuses, in particular, the fact that animals were used in them. So the coloured beads above the elephants aren’t related to circuses at all – they’re hot air balloons. A much more comforting, if slightly less realistic idea. 🙂

Gorgeous glass lampwork beads

I have been wanting to buy some lampwork beads for a while, as I fancied making some earrings with them. I just happened to see a message on Twitter from the fantastic Carolyn of CeeGeeJewellery about being one sale away from 100 in her shop, EvaBeanBeads, and well, it was clearly fate. After some time spent drooling over the contents of her shop, I decided on these little beauties, which arrived yesterday:

Arty close up shot:
And as if that weren’t enough, I got a free gift for being the 100th sale in the shop:
Ooh, what’s that I spy? Is it a matching pair of beads which would be ideal for a pair of earrings for me?
Why yes, it is! 
I also bought myself some more glass earlier in the week. Not beads, but from a bead shop at least:
It’s a gorgeous blown glass heart. It’s a couple of inches wide, so too big for jewellery. It will either go in a bowl, or be hung up on some nice ribbon. Which will have a very secure knot. We bought it at a rather nice bead shop in Ghent. It is full of lovely (but expensive) beady treasures. This is what the inside of the gift box says:
So on that note, I am off to use some of my new beads to make some jewellery. 🙂

Oxidising copper jewellery (or Adventures in Egg Land, part two)

I have already tried oxidising silver jewellery last year, so when I read that it’s also possible to use the same method to oxidise copper jewellery, I decided to give that a go. I recently ordered some copper findings from a fantastic seller called RoyalMetals and my goodies arrived this week. I set to work making some earrings with them, and then picked a pair which I thought might suit the darker brown colour of oxidised copper:

When I tried oxidizing the silver earrings last year, I used a tupperware container. I’ve seen tutorials mentioning ziplock bags, so I thought I’d try that this time. I read online that copper-plated items might not oxidise well, so I ‘cleaned’ the metal bits of the earrings with 70% alcohol (from the first aid box, not the drinks cabinet). Acetone is recommended for this, but I didn’t have any, as I buy acetone-free nail varnish remover (to go with the numerous bottles of nail varnish I own but never use).

So I hard-boiled a couple of eggs, and put them into the bag. I then bashed merry heck out of the eggs with my hand. It was a bit warm, but great for stress relief. Actually, this would probably work even better if you draw a face of someone you don’t like on the eggs first. *makes a note for next time*

 Note: If you are trying to lose weight, you can open the bag at this point, and take a good deep breath of the eggy fumes. I bet you won’t feel like eating much after that. Nice. 🙂

Then I added the earrings to the bag:

“Hey, a sauna, this is kind of relaxing. Wait, what’s that awful smell? No, I’ve changed my mind, let me out. I’m choking…”
So I left the earrings in the bag, and tried not to keep looking at them. Occasionally I would poke the eggs a bit to release more of the fumes. After an hour or two, I could see a colour change, but it wasn’t quite dark enough. So I left the earrings in the bag overnight, and this is how they turned out:
The earring wires have worked really well, but the headpin wire and bead caps are a bit patchier. 
That could be because I didn’t clean them with the alcohol properly. I guess I could try oxidising the individual components first then making them into jewellery. Or I could just buy them ready oxidised. But where’s the fun in that? 😀

Tackling the bead stash – bead busting monthly

I’ve mentioned the blog ‘Operation Tackle that Bead Stash‘ on here before – I’ve recently learnt peyote stitch and made myself a seed bead bracelet thanks to a peyote stitch tutorial I found on there. As the name would suggest, the blog was set up to inspire us to use up beads which have been lying about in our craft stash, waiting for that perfect project. A recent blog post suggested trying to get us back to our old bead stash busting ways by challenging us to post our bead stashing goals on the first Tuesday of the month, and then post updates on how we do. So, my Bead Busting Monthly challenge goals are:

 1. To create something for the May Moodboard challenge.The blog team does a monthly ‘moodboard’ challenge, choosing a colour combination to inspire us to create. Of course, I like looking at the pretty colours, but inspiration never hits at the right moment. The colour for May is green. Yummy, luscious green.

2. I don’t have any WIPs (works in progress) to finish, so my second goal is to make at least one item from the bead stash shown below:

This is the contents of one jar of beads – I have a few more. And a couple of boxes. 
But wait…do I spy some green beads?
I do! Well, that’s both goals from the same jar of beads. Cool!
Hello, dolly! Well, hello, dolly!
Sorry, it’s been in my head since the Husbinator decided he needed to watch that particular film….