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My handmade Christmas haul

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I was thoroughly spoilt this year, and got loads of fab goodies. I took part in the Crafteroo secret santa again, and look at the gorgeous cushion I got from my Santa:

It’s quilted – at least, I think it’s a sort of quilting, it has wavy embroidered lines on the background. And look at how cute the cat’s face is:
I also got some gorgeous handmade jewellery from my friend, Kats (who owns Future Queen Jewels):
 I love these yummy ‘seaglass’ effect beads

 The photo doesn’t show it that well, but the crystal pendant has a slightly twisted shape – lovely!
And Kats also got me this fantastic fennec fox figurine (try saying that quickly three times!):
Lookit the tiny hands! *lovehearts*
He/she (no name yet) is from a fabulous shop which I’ve featured on my Facebook page before – it’s called Bonjour Poupette, and it has the most amazingly cute miniature creatures. 
And finally, I got a few craft books to read. 
I’ve tried embroidery before, and I’ve dabbled in seed beadery, but I want to get to grips with both properly. I will attempt to do that in between making new things for the Crafteroo Pinterest Challenge, which starts in the new year (or, if you prefer, Sunday). More on that very soon….