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If you liked it, then you shoulda put a skull on it

Happy New Year! 2014…yay, a new number. Woop!

January 1st is traditionally the day where we all rush to announce our intentions to change or improve ourselves, or to ‘mix it up a little’ (yeah, I know all the lingo – I am so down with ‘da kids’). I would like to break with tradition a little by announcing that I do not intend to change myself – I want to be more ‘me’ again.

A lot happened in 2013, including The Big Move’, and now that I am back in the UK, I realise just how un-me I have become. So this year, there will be more fun, more daftness, and yes, I’m afraid, more puns. I will do my best to ensure that at least some of the puns are new, if that helps at all? If not, I am planning to make more chocolate truffles, so I could always post some to you all in recompense.

So yes…the blog title. I finally got round to photographing some pieces of jewellery which I made ages ago. And by ages, I mean almost 6 months ago. That’s…well, it’s a disgrace, frankly. The earrings were featured in this blog post, for goodness sake: https://kittyballistic.com/2013/07/pack-all-things.html

Anyway, the sun was shining so I made good use of our newly-tidied conservatory (I know, we have a conservatory now!) to take some photos. So the first of the earrings to be listed in my shop are these delights:

I’m not really sure what possessed me to pair quite eerily detailed brass skulls with fairground-esque striped glass beads. I do like them, I think they work, but they’re definitely…’quirky’ (although thankfully, they fall short of being ‘whimsical’, because ugh, that word). 
I think even the earrings themselves are a bit concerned…
“Are these meant to be hot air balloons? Are we steampunk?”
“Well, I know I’m not steampunk, thankyouverymuch. Maybe it’s a Christmas thing?”
“Are skulls festive? I don’t feel festive. I feel bloated.”
“It’s that time of year, I’m exactly the same. I couldn’t look at another mince pie.”
“That’s because we’re skulls. We don’t have optic nerves.”
“Or vocal chords. So we can’t actually speak.”
“She didn’t think this one through, did she?”
“Nope. Not one bit. Shame, really.”
The sad thing is, I’ve not even had a drink. 🙂 

Anyway, as a special New Year’s treat, I will leave you with a choice of earworms. You can either have the leotardinous (well then, it should be a real word) Beyonce’s song which was cruelly mashed and diced to make the title of this blog post, or you can have a Gloria Gaynor anthem. Beyonce’s video has fantastic dance moves, but Gloria’s has a disco beat and massively unimpressed women loitering on a staircase. Plus, it’s Gloria. And the lyrics are perhaps more suited to the start of a new year.

Vintaj Patina Inks: An Obsession Begins…

I discovered a new ‘toy’ this week, which has quite quickly become a bit of an obsession. I have used acrylic paints and alcohol inks in my jewellery making before, but I came across Ranger Vintaj (in my head, this is pronounced ‘vin-TAAAAAAAAAJ’) Patina ink kits this week, and they are fast becoming a favourite of mine. Whereas regular acrylic paint tends to be matte, the patina inks have a sort of satin finish. The kits come in colour groups which mimic the natural effects found on aged metals, e.g. verdigris. I ordered myself the Weather Copper (turquoise and greens) and Victorian Gable (pinks and purples) sets. And despite us being in the middle of a massive tidy up before moving house in a few short months, I opened the kits up and tried them out.

The inks are nice and opaque but they still let the detail from the metal show through. They work best on detailed surfaces – only totally flat surfaces, it’s difficult to get a good finish (you see slight brush strokes, for example). They dry amazingly fast (in about a minute) which is ideal if you are massively impatient like me keen to create. They also don’t need to be sealed, which is great for filigree pieces, as sometimes varnish can get stuck in the holes. 
You can see the satin finish clearly here – a nice sheen, but not glossy-bling.

LOVE these so much. A lovely soft green colour, and the detailing in the metal shows through perfectly.
Before I went mad and used the inks on every single bit of metal I could find, I thought I’d try out a few earring designs with the new pieces.

I think these might be my favourites. I do love these tiny aeroplanes, and I’d forgotten I had them until I started rummaging through boxes in search of metal items to use with the inks.

 I think those beads look a bit planet-y, don’t you?

Drop earrings makeovers

I have been sorting through some of my stock, and there were a few earrings that were begging to be pimped. They were fine as they were, but nothing special. So I waved my magic wand pliers, and gave them a new look.

First up were these turquoise bead earrings. Nice enough, I like the turquoise and antique brass together:

But I thought that copper might go even better with the bead colour:

Next up were these yummy red ‘nugget’ beads. They’re quite unusual, they have little indents in them. Again, they look fine with the antique brass:

They just needed a little something extra to make them ‘pop’

Little yellow flowers FTW! I love how these look now, they remind me of cartoons somehow. Maybe the Mr Men…

Anyway, I will be ‘making over’ some more jewellery in the coming weeks. I think it’s a useful exercise, and it certainly makes me aware of how my jewellery making skills have improved, as have my photography skills. 

What do you think?