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My name is Helen and I live in the UK with the Husbinator and two massively unhelpful but cute cats. We lived in the Netherlands for 14 years, and moved back to the UK in 2013 – you can see a post about our epic journey (there’s a stoned cat, amusing placenames and a tiny pony!) here: https://kittyballistic.com/2013/10/andwere-back.html

The name Kitty Ballistic came up during a very silly discussion about superheroes and characters from James Bond films. I’ve stuck with it for my Etsy shop etc. It doesn’t really mean anything, but it suits my fickle nature.

This bit of my blog is apparently where I should be telling you about my inspiration for the things I make, and my creative process. So go ahead and imagine I’ve spent at least a good paragraph doing that.OK, done? Good. Basically, I am easily distracted by shiny, colourful objects, and I suspect I was a magpie in a former life (my current incarnation is the cartoon cat, Garfield, in human form). I use beads because I like their colour, texture, shape, or just the way they catch the light. I seem especially keen on beads that look like they could be edible. Rest assured, I do not lick any of the beads I use in my creations.I am also make occasional felt characters (they’re a bit like occasional tables, only they have unblinking eyes and are not ideal for putting a mug of tea on). Among the many felt characters I’ve created are a zombie potato, a sad aubergine and an evil lemon.

Sir Everard E. Vill-L’mone
I like my food, and have been vegetarian for a few years. I became slightly addicted to making chocolate truffles recently, and have bought a book on making sweets. Fortunately, I work in an office of foodies, so I can easily try out recipes and have the fruits of my labours enthusiastically disposed of. Unless it’s actual fruit, in which case there is sulking and tantrums.
I am love animals, am a keen photographer, and like most craft people, I have several different projects on the go at any one time. I am trying to teach myself to crochet, I getting addicted to kumihimo, and would love to have a bash at making a Christmas cake this year.
I am also a big fan of glitter, disco and terrible puns.
 If you want to contact me (and after that introduction, why wouldn’t you?), you can:
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