Making wire rings

Happy New Year, 2015, woop woop, it’s a different number. 🙂

I have decided to spend this year doing more of what I love, and ideally not frittering away quite so much time on the interwebz. I am not going so far as to call it a resolution, but it’s at least an intention of sorts.

The internet *is* a good source of inspiration and information for us creative, crafty types though, and I was inspired to have another go at making wire rings. I’ve already made a few wire rings in the past (jade ring, silver spiral ring and this wire wrapped bead ring which I still wear). Here is my latest effort.

 I’m just playing around with wire at the moment, trying out new techniques. I can’t decide whether I prefer the ring on my index finger or thumb. Note the massively unimpressed cat in the background – she offered no opinion either way. Pfft.

I used a tutorial on the JewelryMakingJournal site: Easy Folded Wire Ring Tutorial. It was really easy to follow, and you can see how different shapes and designs can be created relatively easily from a simple piece of wire. I suspect the wire I’m using is not thick enough, but for practising it will do for now.

Have a look at some gorgeous examples of what you can do when you get really good at wire wrapping…

 Wire wrapped agate ring by EmmaWyattArt

Sterling twist ring with haematite by NanFanJewellery

Green Agate copper ring by CopperingJewelry

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