Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery

I found out about the Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery via the BBC gardening website and yesterday we decided to visit, as the gardens are only a 20 minute drive away. It was a little overcast when we arrived, but next to the carpark was a gorgeous meadow of wildflowers, and a few rabbits. 🙂

We had a wander round looking at all the plants in the nursery, I made a few notes of which ones I *needed* to buy, then after a cup of tea, we went to look around the gardens.

Right by the entrance was a hen house, with a very pretty but stern looking guardian in the doorway.

Chicken in doorway of hen house

We didn’t realise quite how large the gardens would be, as we walked through a small archway and round alongside a house and conservatory. A lot of the plants growing in the garden were available to buy in the nursery, so as we wandered about, we were looking at name tags and trying to remember which plants to look for later on. There were just too many though – the gardens were just packed with gorgeous plants.

We spent a good hour or so walking round, and once the sun came out, we didn’t really want to move. 

I would definitely recommend a visit, and there’s also a woodland walk nearby, so you could make a day of it.

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  1. Gorgeous photos as always Helen. That orchid (it IS an orchid, isn't it – fifth photo down) is beautiful.


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