A beady, bee-y bracelet

Yet another great blog post title from me. You’re very welcome.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am prone to earring-making frenzies. I absolutely love making them, despite the fact that I rarely wear any of my own creations (I can’t wear any large earrings  as I am lobe-ally challenged *sadface*). However, I have recently developed a liking for making bracelets. One evening I made myself a little beaded bracelet with a tassel which I discovered in daylight was slightly the wrong shade of red. *twitching* I continued on my bracelet quest, and despite battling with tigertail (a coated wired used in jewellery making), crimp beads and knotted elastic that suddenly decides to ‘ping’ your carefully chosen beads across the room, I have made a bracelet that I am actually quite pleased with. As a picky perfectionist (when it comes to my own work) that is high praise indeed).

 Looky here:

It’s a relatively simple design, but I think it works quite well. I love love LOVE the purple glass beads with their ‘lustre’ effect (oh yes, I know ALL the lingo). And look…

The bee bead changes colour when the temperature changes. Which is not that easy to photograph in February. It’s a bit like the mood beads that were ‘all the rage’ in the Seventies.  According to Wikipedia, the colour change effect is due to a ‘thermochromic element’. Which is not nearly as much fun to say as a ‘moody bee bead’.

5 responses to “A beady, bee-y bracelet

  1. Very cool design 🙂 I love those mood beads, too!

  2. Just a note: that I added a link to your blog on my side bar on my blog, "blogs to read". Hope that is ok, if not let me know and I will remove. www,onecreativecat.com Sorry had to post here, cannot find your email address. Love the mood bead!! I use to wear a mood ring in the seventies, I loved it until I lost it, I was about 13 and was heart broken, hahahaha, thought my life was over!

  3. That bead is awesome I love the colour purple goes with everything

  4. Oooo this is yummy! Love the colours and the design and that focal bead is gorgeous! I totally feel a solidarity with seeing a night's work in fresh daylight and having the 'Oooooh….THAT'S the colour of those beads……oops' thang….. Yep. Great post – best wishes, Shroo:) x

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