And…we’re back!

Yes, a few short months *cough* after my last blog post (which I’ve just skimmed through and has reminded me that I haven’t unpacked the box with those bat earrings in yet), and we’re all back in the UK. I’ve been back here for a few weeks already, the Husbinator has been back for just over a week. I’ve been too lazy busy to do much crafting, so I thought I’d share some pics of our move to make you all jealous of our glamorous jetsetty lifestyle. Yeah…

So despite our best efforts, the last month before we moved was a stressful frenzy of paperwork and packing. We did get rid of a lot of stuff, but still somehow ended up with over 100 boxes. Yes, I know. Someone will be putting stuff on Amazon or Gumtree in the coming weeks. Packing started off well, by the end, things were just getting thrown into boxes in a blind panic. We discovered that items left in the same drawer as a catnip cat toy will have an alarming effect:

I did already post this pic on Facebook, but it still makes me laugh, so here it is again. Poor stoned Sparty.

The Husbinator was very organised with the boxes, and we stacked them all according to size so that when we got the truck, we could play a very tiring game of Tetris. 

We decided we could manage the move ourselves, although to be fair this decision was guided largely by the fact that we were ignored by all the removal companies we contacted. Humph. So, we (with the help of the Husbinator’s wonderful friend) packed up a truck with all our belongings, and drove back to the UK. Yes, really. It’s as much fun as it sounds. I got to be navigator, chief snack supplier and trip photographer.
Yes, I am still a big child. *chortling*
The drive took about 12 hours, thanks to an extended jaunt round the M25. We got back so late in the evening that we were too tired to unpack the truck, so we did that the next day, and then the following day, the Husbinator took the truck back to Holland, leaving me in our new house with the boxes. The following week, we drove back from Holland to the UK, this time in our own car, but with the cats. Oh, what fun! Here’s a small video clip of us driving into the carriage for the Eurotunnel. You can hear a Mike Oldfield song, and in the background, a disgruntled cat.

That journey didn’t take quite as long, as we managed to avoid the worst of the traffic somehow. The cats, however, were wholly unimpressed with the journey, and the new accomodation. *sigh* The first two weeks they pretty much miaowed at everything, and hid most of the time. Until about 2am, when they decided to shout loudly downstairs until I got up out of bed. Then they would run upstairs to shout there. They are slightly more settled now, possibly because they have tired themselves out.
Flat cat square pants!
I know it’s early days, but despite being forced to go to work for a living this week, we haven’t found too much to complain about yet. Below are some of the highlights so far…
Taken somewhere on our way back from Derbyshire  – I think it’s turned out quite well considering the car was moving at speed and the windows were up. There is something very special about the British landscape. *content*

Percy Pigs! Veggie sweets! There are so many foodstuffs I didn’t realise I missed (I may have eaten my body weight in tinned spaghetti in the last few weeks). 

Tiny pumpkin. Allegedly edible, according to Sainsburys, but I wanted it purely for its looks. *shallow*

Blue lights in appliances are apparently a thing now. It’s slightly spooky, especially when making a cuppa in the dark. 

Tiny pony helping to raise awareness for a children’s charity in town this week. So cute!
I have a workdesk set up now, so in theory, I could start crafting very soon. Not sure what I fancy making just yet though. I still feel like dusting off the sewing machine and making something. Just need to find the sewing machine now…

4 responses to “And…we’re back!

  1. Excellent post, Helen. It sounds like you are glad to be back!

  2. Thanks, Tina. Yes, so far, no regrets. 🙂

  3. Yay, so glad to have you back! Loving the pictures, though I'm astonished you didn't find time to head to Plopsaland.

  4. Glad to know you and Sean and the furbeasts made the leap without major incident. I chortled at the Plopsaland sign too. What is it by the way?


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