Frank, the unimpressed ice lolly.

Frank is unimpressed. He is not keen on this hot weather that we’re having (although he does like the sunshine). He doesn’t care for cricket or golf. He isn’t really bothered about media madness surrounding the imminent arrival of the Royal baby (as he very much doubts that the new arrival will be named Frank, despite ‘Prince Frank’ sounding pretty good, actually). But most of all, Frank is unimpressed with his so-called friends who only seem to get in touch at this time of year. He never hears from them in November, when he quite fancies going out on Bonfire night (Frank loves fireworks). Not a peep out of them at New Year, and there is total silence right through Spring, which is Frank’s favourite season. It’s really odd. As soon as the temperature rises, his phone starts ringing. He just can’t figure out what makes him so popular at this time of year…

One response to “Frank, the unimpressed ice lolly.

  1. Poor Frank. I feel for him. Has he melted yet?

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