DIY Disco Glitterballs

This year I’m having a birthday party, as it’s a special *cough* birthday. And as I am a fan of all things disco/glam rock, there’s a slight Seventies theme to my party (although it’s not a fancy dress party). I already have my dress, and some ultra sparkly shoes, and I decided that I needed some mini glitterballs to decorate the party tables. Here’s how I’m making them.

I am using polystyrene balls, about the size of golf balls. The reason that these are shown on a saucer is that they went all static-y and decided to flee. BAD polystyrene balls. >:-(

 I used metallic acrylic paint to turn the balls silver. As the glitterballs will be placed in vases on the tables, I also painted some wooden skewers to match.

Once the paint is dry, the fun begins – glue ‘n’ glitter!

I used PVA glue to coat the balls (for some reason the glue was very thick and dried quickly, so I couldn’t hang about). Once the ball was coated in glue, I sprinkled the glitter over the ball to cover it completely and left them to dry.

They don’t look massively sparkly in that picture. Humph. They look a bit better in the close up pic:

Anyway, they need to dry for a few hours, and then will be sprayed with hairspray to ‘set’ the glitter. And then I have to think about how to transport them back with me, without coating everything in my suitcase in glitter. Although the same issue applies to my party shoes. 😀
If you want to try making these, I have some handy hints.
  • Newspaper, and lots of it. Everywhere. Glitter moves in mysterious ways.
  • I used an old chocolate box lid for applying glitter. Thanks to my friend, Kats, for buying me a massive box of choccies for Christmas. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. 😀
  • I also wore a latex glove for shovelling glitter onto the balls. Possibly overkill, but for someone who has very sensitive eyes, it’s worth avoiding the ‘glitter in eye’ scenario (again). 
I’ll take some pics of the finished table decs so you can see the glitterballs ‘in action’. 

2 responses to “DIY Disco Glitterballs

  1. You are very resourceful, Helen!

  2. Did you have Disco Duck playing in the background while working on these?

    Ali x

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