Just another Saturday afternoon earring frenzy

It’s Saturday afternoon, therefore, it must be time for an earring-making frenzy. I got some of these cute coloured bows before I went on holiday, and have just put them to use in some new earrings.

As you can tell from the lighting in the photos, it’s a bit of a grey, gloomy day here, but the forecast for tomorrow is much better, so I’m hoping to get a load of photos taken, and then these can be listed in my Etsy shop.

I’ve also made some longer, ‘boho’ style earrings, but I’m still playing around with the choice of earring wires for those. *perfectionist* I’ll hopefully get pics of those when they’re finished tomorrow as well.

2 responses to “Just another Saturday afternoon earring frenzy

  1. Pretty, pretty earrings! Loving the bows, very cute. I especially like the red and white stripy beads with the yellow bows.

  2. I like all of them, but those dark garnet? ones in the upper right hand corner especially.

    Ali x

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