Crafteroo Pinterest Challenge – January

Yes, we’re not even halfway through the month, but several of the Crafteroo gang have been mad busy crafting. I say most, as I seem to have spent the beginning of the year making sure that the sofa doesn’t feel neglected, and ensuring that the chocolate mountain in the fridge doesn’t engulf the entire kitchen. So far, mission successful. *high fives self*

Less successful are my attempts at making something from my Pinterest Challenge board. The first attempt at making something resulted in a small pile of bent wire, a slightly scratched finger, and some excessive swearing. The second make looks promising, but will need to be sanded and painted at the weekend. And so third time lucky, here is what I have made so far. It’s a felt flower brooch.

And here is the Pinterest version:

The tutorial is from Infarrantly Creative – it shows three flowers together, with leaves, which looks really cute, but I wanted just a simple flower brooch for a jumper or coat.
As for the rest of the Challengers, well, take a look at what they’ve been up to!
The first make was actually posted on the last day of 2011, which is pretty impressive – talk about organised! It’s a baby blanket in lovely candy colours from Jaydee:
Pin details here
Next is a super cute fabric purse by Pennydog:
Pin details here
This next item from md0u0131 looks delicious – cookies in a jar!
Pin details here
And to go with the cookies, how about a nice cup of tea (or coffee)? And you can keep it warm with one of these mugwarmers by audrasilk:
Pin details here
The last item is two challenges in one – t-shirt yarn, made into a cute rug by BigBlueBed:
Pin details here and here
Phew, it’s made me tired just reading through that list, and there are still a couple of weeks left of January. 🙂

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