A sweet little tutorial

You lucky, lucky people, I’ve decided to make another tutorial for you. This one is nice and easy, and uses up any spare scraps of felt you have lying about the place.

Felt sweeties tutorial

What you will need:

  • Scraps of felt in various colours – thinner is better for this, as you need to be able to ‘gather’ it
  • Polystyrene balls or wooden beads – the ones I used are about 3/4 inch
  • Embroidery thread to match and contrast the felt you’re using
  • Scissors, needle and pins

1. Cut a piece of felt to a rough square shape of about 3 inches and place a polystyrene ball in the centre

Ooh, a tiny golf ball!

2. Roll the felt round the ball and make sure that the sides meet – there should be a small overlap so that the ball is covered.

Giant finger of dooooom!

3. Use a pin to hold the felt in place.

4. Using thread the same colour as the felt, use several stitches in the middle of the tube to hold the two edges together.

It looks much neater in real life, honest!

5. Cut two short lengths of contrasting thread (about 4 or 5 inches long). Turn the tube over so that the stitching is underneath and make sure that the ball is still in the middle of the tube. Use one piece of thread to tie up the end of the tube.

6. Again, make sure that the bead is in the centre of the tube, and then use the other piece of thread to tie up the other end of the tube. Make sure that you use at least a double knot, and make it nice and tight to gather the felt nicely.

7. Carefully trim the thread, and if necessary, trim the ends of the felt tube so that they look equal.

Ta-DAH! You have just made a felt sweetie! Why not make a bowlful as a decoration for the holidays? Be careful about leaving them lying about if you have young children, nosy pets, or short-sighted relatives though.

You could also string them into a garland and hang them on your Christmas tree. Either thread cotton through the finished sweeties (if you use polystyrene balls) or use wooden beads, and thread cotton/cord through the beads and then make the felt tubes around them.

If you do use this tutorial to make felt sweeties, I would love to see your photos of them. Please feel free to leave a comment or link on this post. However, please do make these items to sell. Thank you, and happy sweetie-making!

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