Precious Metal Clay – more new toys!

Yes, I’ve decided I need to have a play about with some metal clay, so I’ve ordered an Art Clay Silver starter kit, which should be with me next weekend. Yay!

Art Clay silver is a special clay which contains tiny particles of real silver. It can be moulded into virtually any shape, just like regular polymer clay. However, instead of baking it in the oven, you need to allow the metal clay to air dry, then you ‘fire’ it. Firing can be done over a gas hob (or even a camping stove), in a kiln (or mini-kiln – *squee*), or using a blow torch (which is what I’ll be doing). Once the clay is fired, it turns an unimpressive dull white colour, and it is brushed and polished until it shines silver. The nice thing about the Art Clay stuff is that it is environmentally friendly – at least, as much as it is possible. The silver in the clay is reclaimed from photographic supplies, circuit boards, etc. And each piece made with the clay is classed as fine silver, which means it’s 99.9% silver, and can be marked with a ‘999’ stamp.

I am *so* excited about trying it out, I’ve been looking on the internet to see what others have made with metal clay, and there are some amazing pieces of work out there. Have a look at these!

Metal clay and fused glass ring by GlassFancy

Lucite flower and metal clay earrings by Destiny’s Creations

Castle Ring by Wearable By Design

There are so many amazing pieces of work, I can’t wait to get my starter kit so I can try to make something too! Must be patient….must be patient…. 😉

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