Saturday purchases and good luck Miffy dolls

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I’ve been busy at work, and tired when I get home. Not too tired to go shopping though, as you will see from the photos below.

First up are a couple of Miffy ‘good luck’ doll…things. In Holland, Miffy is called ‘Nijntje’, which is short for konijntje (‘bunny’ in Dutch). I spotted them in a stationery shop last week, and got two free with my purchase (some box files and padded envelopes, fact fans). There are 24 in the series – COLLECT THEM ALL. And I shall…oh yes.

Look at Miffy’s happy face. She’s just *thrilled*.

And here are both of the dolls, with their good luck messages.

8. Wens nijntje (‘wish Miffy) says “All your wishes will be granted.”

23. Schitter nijntje (‘shine Miffy’) says “You will shine the whole week.”

So, that’s good news for bead shops in the area, not so good news for U2 fans expecting to see the band tour this summer, as the lads* will be in my house for, like, ever.

*Sorry, I’ve been watching Father Ted DVDs this week.

Another new purchase is this jewellery display, which works rather well in photos of my necklaces:

It’s about a foot and a half tall and ideal for displaying my jewellery in photos.

Finally, I bought some supplies for a commission I got a while back.

Yes, that *is* very pink, isn’t it? *itch, scratch*

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