Morris Piper: Felt Plush Punk Potato

Before you ask, I don’t know why. The ideas just appear in my head. Yes, it worries me too, sometimes.

On Sunday, after another bead frenzy, I decided to get my Basket o’ Felt out and a make a li’l sumtink speshaaal. No, I don’t know why I’m talking like that. Sorry.

Anyway, an idea popped into my head, and an hour or so later, Morris Piper was born.

Warning: Yet more puns ahead.

Meet Morris Piper. He’s a wannabe Spud Vicious, but his head is the wrong shape for a decent mohawk, and he has to sneak out with a sweater over his ‘Never Mind the Broccoli’ t-shirt because he still lives with his parents.

He’s been quite a (s)mash already, having featured on Cuteable, Not Just Handbags and also, Geek Crafts. I do hope all this attention doesn’t go to his head, it’s an odd shape as it is. 😀

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