Handmade cards and a wire wrapped ring

I have had mixed success with my crafty pursuits this weekend. I have a ring to make for a colleague which for some reason is proving tricky. I did try out a new technique using wire wrapping to make myself this ring though:

It’s the first time I’ve played around with 18 gauge wire, so I’m quite impressed with it. Of course, the perfectionist in me sees little things that are wrong with it. I’m happy to wear it though, but it would need to be better if I was making it to go in the shop. *sigh*

I also struggled with the two cards I needed to make this weekend. One is for my Dad’s birthday, another for a family friend who has just had an operation. Dad’s card proved tricky, as I had no ideas at all. I eventually settled on a Dad’s Army picture, as my Dad is a fan:

The card for the friend was a little easier to make, as I already had an idea in my head. I got to use the craft mangle again – yay!

And after saying that the Craft Neutral challenge wasn’t going that well, I had three sales last week – two of my felt items on Artfire, and a necklace from my Coriandr shop (which I confess, I have neglected). I should tot up income and outgoings and see how far in the red I am.

I am desperately trying not to think about buying new pliers, which I could do with, as the ones I have mark the wire a little, even with an application of ‘Tool Magic’. I also fancy getting a hammer and bench block to have a go at some hammered silver. AND I saw a workshop for using Precious Metal Clay. But I have a mountain of beads and felt to reduce first.

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