Sunday, soggy Sunday

My plans to weed the garden have been thwarted by rain, so I decided to try to be a little bit creative indoors instead. So, I oven-roasted a load of cherry tomatoes from the garden:

They turned into a sweeter version of sun-dried tomatoes, so I’m quite happy with them. Recipes/instructions on the web ranged from cooking them in a hot oven for 15 minutes to cooking in a very cool oven for 8 hours. I went with a coolish oven for about an hour, and then left them in there while the oven cooled.

The other thing I made is this:

It’s a larger version of the evil lemon I made last year. He is the sort of lemon that will tie a damsel to a train track and then run off, laughing evilly, as the approach of the 4.12 express can be heard in the distance. He also refuses to help people with bad colds or scurvy. He is the most evil of the citrus fruits, with the possible exception of the Malevolent Mandarin. He will go in my shop, probably the Artfire one, sometime this week.

7 responses to “Sunday, soggy Sunday

  1. Haha! Love the monocle! Those tomatoes look good too.


  2. mmmm Tomatoes… *NOMNOMNOM*
    :/ I wish our tomatoes would turn red… Not sure if its the lack of sunshine or something – any tips? 😀

    The evil lemon is awesome! The monocle is genius, as is the raised eyebrow 😀

  3. Are the toms still on the plant? If so, they can take an awfully long time to turn red, but once one goes, the others follow suit pretty quickly. Alternatively you can take the green toms off the plant if they're big enough, and put them in a drawer or paper bag with a red tomato (shop bought, if necessary). That should ripen them. I think a banana would also ripen them too.

  4. Yup, they're all still on their plants. We have… quite a few plants and we're surprised that none of them have started! It must be the weather, its pretty cool at the moment, not had any hot days since the beginning of June!

    Ah! That sounds like a plan (picking some and popping them in with a ripe one/banana). I'll give them a little longer but i can't wait to eat them! hehe.

    Thanks so much 😀

  5. Oooh those tomatoes look delicious! 🙂

    And the evil lemon is pure genius! He looks a little bit like an orange that a friend and me turned into Hercule Poirot…. I will have to show her!!

  6. o/ for evil lemon! Or is that Sir Everard Eville-Lemonne?

    Those tomatoes look absolutely delicious too!

  7. cor that lemon really does look evil and cunning!

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