Get a load of these bangers!

Well, you know me, I never waste an opportunity to make a double entendre or very, very poor pun. The spirit of Carry On films lives on in me – I’m absolutely full of it. 😀

I was struggling to come up with an idea for a card for my Dad for Father’s Day and then inspiration hit me. Dad loves sausages, but can’t have them on account of his ‘healthy eating plan’. So, I did what any good daughter would do and made him some felt sossidges:

I did consider writing “Best Quality Sausage’s”, in the grand British tradition of greengrocers, butchers and purveyors of fine food stuffs, but I didn’t want to have to keep explaining that it was an intentional error. Jokes are never funny when you have to explain them.

The more observant amongst you will notice the brown paper backdrop – ready to pack the sossies up in authentic fashion. Once I’ve found the string, that is. I’ll need a good long bit. Fnar. Etc.

OK, I’m sorry. I’ll stop now. No, really, I promise, I will.

4 responses to “Get a load of these bangers!

  1. I hope we get to hear how your father responds to your funny and thoughtful gift. You make felt look delicious!

  2. Oh yes, I'll be speaking to him on Sunday, so I will find out what he thinks then. 😀

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