Buttons, beads, bright shiny things

I have been trying for the past half hour to upload a picture of my goodies from the Owl Swap to Flickr, but it’s not playing. So, here is what I received:

The gorgeous bag at the back has owl fabric round the rim, and I got two (TWO!) gorgeous books on beading. I am itching to make something from them, but I need to get some nylon thread first. *impatient* I also got a pack of origami paper, which is really pretty, and might satisfy my cravings to make something immediately. As well as all this, I got some salt and vinegar crisps and Pringles, which, um, didn’t fit in the picture. Yup. So a huge, huge thank you to Rebecca for sending me all this loveliness, and to Apryl for organising the swap in the first place.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I finally got round to making the jade necklace I’ve been planning for ages:

The leave are brass, but they look much darker in the photo. I didn’t have a brass clasp, so I used a regular gold-plated one, but I will swap it when I get some supplies in.
And here it is in action:

I like choker length necklaces, as I don’t tend to wear lower cut tops (despite appearances in that photo). I have some beads left over, so I may make a bracelet, or maybe some more jade rings (I can’t find the one I made for myself, so at the very least, I need to replace that one).

Finally, here are some more attempts at making polymer clay buttons:

I was trying to make some more vibrant colours, which I did, but I’m not that thrilled with them. Well, I like the blue/green one, I guess. I need to get a proper work surface for playing about with clay, as I found the clay picked up lots of bits while I was using it. I have treated myself to an acrylic roller, and I bought a book of polymer clay….in Dutch. So let’s hope that both my language skills and polymer clay technique improve.

5 responses to “Buttons, beads, bright shiny things

  1. lovely swap goodies.. the necklace is beutiful..and the buttons are greay they get better everytime you make another batch of them!

  2. Goodies! I love your buttons Kitty. I take it the crisps didn't survive to the photo shoot. *fnar*


  3. Just popped in to return your visit! I love the buttons and the necklace and your swap goodies …

  4. The buttons are really sweet. I know exactly what you mean about having an appropriate surface for working with polymer clay. The life of an artist is a tough one.

  5. Oh my gosh! I forgot to compliment you on the jade necklace, which I just love. I followed the link to the jade ring post, and that's lovely too.

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