Jade ring

So I am ill with a cold, and am bimbling about at home, wondering what to do with myself. You know what it’s like – you can’t sleep, can’t get comfortable, but you can’t really concentrate on anything. You need some activities which don’t require too much effort. 😀 I started to look through my bead stash, to see if anything inspired me. And I found a string of jade beads which I was going to make into a necklace for myself, but I forgot about them. Typical. Anyway, I have wanted a jade ring for a while, but haven’t seen one I really like (or at least, one in my size – I have small hands, but I don’t know my ring size). So, I Googled for jade rings, and found a couple of tutorials on wire-wrapped rings. This one from Cut Out and Keep was particularly helpful, although I also found some useful advice in a video from Crafts Beautiful. I used a tube of mascara to wrap the wire round (I tried a few pens and tubes before I found one the right size). The wire-wrapping is a little messy – I prefer to call it ‘organic’. 😉

I have another 39 jade beads left over, but I don’t think I need that many rings. I might make that necklace after all, but that’s for another day, I think. *cough, splutter, sneeze, dramatic swoon onto handy chaise longue*

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  1. Wow! That is REALLY nice!


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