A cosy Christmas decoration

I used to say that blue was my favourite colour, but recently I’ve found green more and more to my taste, and anything that’s a mix of the two colours is usually a hit with me. So when I found some gorgeous variegated blue-green thread in my stash, I wanted to use it for…something. And here is the result:

It’s a very subtle colour change, and I’m not sure that you can see it so clearly in this pic. Here’s a close-up:

The colours are much more subdued in real life, but you can make out the change from green to blue, I think. I have some more decorations planned, but I’m keen on doing some more embroidery now. I think the thread would look lovely on a plain white background….*puts thinking cap on*

2 responses to “A cosy Christmas decoration

  1. I saw that on in your DaWanda shop. Its beautiful. I love felt, its such a cosy fabric.


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